Prada and The Row

So I have been thinking: how does one blog about the SS13 fashions without making it seem like an overkill?
After serious amounts of doubt and indecision, I finally gave in and decided to bring just a glimpse of my favorite collections. Those that I actually look forward to seeing.

First and foremost, there is Prada. PRADA. Pra-dahhh. I actually turned on the laptop just in time to watch the show live and see what Miuccia sent down the runway. Her ideas for spring/summer feel very young, fresh even. A little bit of Edie and the '60, mixed up with some Japanese influences which could be sensed in the tailoring of some pieces and in the footwear. About the footwear, there were some very, very decadent Harajuku platforms going on. I was a bit surprised by the fancy socks, very unexpected but so much fun! It appears that Miuccia wants to make socks + sandals happen (again) at whatever cost. Who could say no to that? Last but not least, the sunglasses: they have future it-item written all over them.

Then there is The Row. A brand built for a different customer, with a different aesthetic. Especially with this collection, I feel it could appeal to more women and fit in more contexts. The Vogue review (I think) mentioned that this time, the idea was to go lighter, looser and layered. Nothing I wouldn't want for myself during the warm seasons. The collection went from light to dark colors (the other way than Miuccia's). The red ensembles looked very polished, yet on the casual side, when paired with flat sandals. I really wish there were better photos with the accessories, especially the bags matching each look. Maybe when we move closer to spring?

Which collections impressed you so far?


  1. I think everyone is looking forward to Prada every season - how could we not? this season I loved Mulberry, Jil Sander and Temperley London among others :)

  2. Oh yes, I loved these three too! Especially Jill Sander. I thought it was like a breath of fresh air :)

  3. Oh, I love the Prada collection!


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