A quick update

A couple of photos from today. 
Rainy day and my new obsession: a nice, fancy yet casual cateye. 
Uh oh.

 Photos from my instagram. Find me here or @sweetdaiane.


  1. Nice cat-eye make-up. Where do you buy your cosmetics from? Any tips?

  2. Glad you like it! Well, I usually buy make-up from dedicated stores like Douglas for example. Then sometimes I buy random stuff from supermarkets which carry drugstore brands like Rimmel, Maybelline, L'oreal etc. It depends what I'm shopping for, and I'm always searching for a good deal :)

  3. Here's how I do it: if I want something from a brand which I know I'll find in Douglas or Sephora I'll go buy it from there. Most of the time you can test the actual product and you don't have to pay delivery taxes. If I want something from a brand which I know I won't find in stores, I'll usually go online. I personally bought make-up online from elf (http://www.eyeslipsface.com.ro/) sometime last year but their products are not the best, except for the mineral eye primer which I can recommend wholeheartedly. If you want to try nyx, sleek or wetnwild makeup, you can find them on these two sites: http://www.myashop.ro/ or http://www.makeup-shop.ro. I haven't personally bought from them, but I've been wanting to try nyx concealer in a jar forever. Maybe I'll get around to it soon :) Other than these, you can buy make-up from asos (http://www.asos.com/Women/Beauty/Cat/pgehtml.aspx?cid=1314&via=top) They won't ship some brands only to some countries, but they have a good selection going on. Again, asos has some drugstore brands which I would personally go buy in a physical store here than online.

    One last advice about buying make-up online: make sure the shop has listed all its contact info (address, phone etc), delivery&shipping options, policy and terms&conditions. You can also check out its facebook page to see how many fans interact with the shop's page. These should give you a good measure about how trustworthy the shop is.

    Hope I helped... anything else, let me know :)


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