With Laurel Pantin on fall trends & key pieces

September issues are starting to roll in, girls! Excited yet? 

You'd better be, because today we're talking fall trends and collections with Laurel Pantin, Associate Shopping & Market Editor at Glamour (and one of my favorite editors!).


Laurel Pantin and Tracey Lomrantz, Contributing Style Editor at Glamour, have joined OpenSky.com where they will be tracking down the most stylish steals around. Today, the girls are launching their first collections, Neon & Neutral and Neo-Western, respectively. Each week they’ll come up with new ways to change a look with a few key accessories. You can see both collections here.

Tracey (left) and Laurel (right)

OK, so the most exciting moment... I've had the wonderful opportunity to ask Laurel Pantin a few questions about upcoming trends for fall and about Neo-Western, the collection she's launching today on OpenSky.

What are the trends you are looking forward to this fall?
I'm really excited to wear monochrome outfits. I love the idea of wearing the same color from head to toe, especially white, burgundy, and green. I'm also really into leather accents. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of leather leggings.

What pieces do you think will be essential come fall?
I'm embarrassingly practical, so my first thought was 'a warm jacket!' So boring. Beyond the basics, I think incorporating burgundy accents into your existing wardrobe will be key. Burgundy was such a hot color, so we'd all do well to pick up a few pieces this season!

Tell us a few words about your upcoming collection on OpenSky.
My launch collection is western inspired—as a native Texan, this is something I never thought I would get behind. But in its new incarnation, the western look is cool, tomboyish, but super sexy in a tough-girl way. It's also not a look that's terribly obvious, which I love. There's something vaguely French about it in the sense that it's effortless and cool—something that a really independent, strong-minded tough girl would wear.

How does your own style influence the collection?
Given that I am so practical and such a tomboy, as I picked my items I would ask myself 'How many ways could I wear this? Is it going to be comfortable? Would I actually wear it?' I tried not to pick too many things based solely on my personal style and what I'd most want to wear, because instead I wanted to have a collection of items that anyone could wear, but that I also love. I have my personal favorites from each collection, but I didn't want to use this opportunity to try and push my personal style on everyone else. I think that's the tough thing about being an editor—using your taste to pick items you think are beautiful, but that might not actually work on you.

If you would have to choose just one item from the collection which one would it be?
If I'm picking just from my first collection, I'd have to say the cuff. I'm obsessed with it! If we're talking all of them…too many to choose!

Hope you liked the interview and that it gave you at least one reason to be excited about cooler weather!

I, for one, intend to make the most out of this transition. I honestly can't wait to dig out some of my favorite pieces from the back of my closet.

x's & o's,


  1. Wow!J'adore les accessoires!!!Super!!!
    Angela Donava

  2. Tweed. Always a reason to look forward to Fall.


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