April events

What I wore this Sunday when we celebrated Easter. I'm glad it was rather warm outside, just enough to wear light clothes. I'm especially happy with the blazer and the skirt that my grandma made me. I helped along the way, of course, so I'm really happy to see how they go together. 

Hm, hm, hm...

It seems that this month is full of events. To begin with, my birthday was just a few days ago (April 14) and soon after Easter followed. Last but not least on my list is the Absolutely Fabulous Fair which will take place in Cluj for the first time. I'm sure you already know what it's about, so just make sure you don't schedule anything else for this Saturday! Here is the event if you want to confirm your attendance. 

 I honestly can't wait to go, especially since I plan on hunting down some jewelry pieces for myself! 

So, see you there? xxo


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