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On Saturday the well-known Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Fair took place for the first time in Cluj. I loved the location (which had an amazing view of the city) & the way the entire event was organised. There were lots of clothes, jewellery & shoes to choose from. My favorites were the dresses and skirts - just take a look below. Also, peek the cityscape through the windows... Fabulous indeed!

Last but not least, this is what I wore to the fair. I personally prefer the look without the cape but it was a particularly rainy/windy day so, yeah, I kind of had to throw it on. Also, the shoes! I love these shoes! I've also worn them in this previous post & I can tell you they are seriously fierce.

P.S. I have something terribly cool in store for you (& especially for you) so how about you check back in a couple of days? 

Love, love,


  1. I'm glad you had a good time and I think I know what your surprise will be :D I love the pants and the entire look, with & without the cape! Did you buy anything from the fair?

  2. Yesyes, I know you do! ;) I didn't, maybe I wasn't in the right mood? I was looking for a fancy necklace of sorts but didn't find the perfect one. Maybe next time? 

  3.  me neither, although I did see pretty things!

  4. Great photos!!!
    I love the prints!!!

  5. Your outfit was so perfect! I love that cape and the pants! You look beautiful :)


  6. your outfit is just lovely....I like the pants :d

  7. That such a COOL store ever! <3

    I looove your floral pants dear :)They look beautiful on you!

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥Pinkie Anggiahttp://pinkieanggia.tumblr.com


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