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Chat'elier is a fun fashion & style-related project I'm involved into. Together with a bunch of girls we are putting together an event aimed to bring fashion lovers together. Our city really lacks this opportunity so we thought hey, what if we gave this a go?

Here's what happens: supporters meet to watch games together & drink beer, gamers play WoW online together and businessmen go at networking events to establish new contacts. But what are we girls (& fashion lovers) doing? We go shopping, spend time on blogs or browse magazines. And if we are lucky we get to do this with friends who share our interests.

This is where Chat'elier comes in: an event where fashion lovers come together to share their interests and have fun. The first edition will take place this Sunday, January 15th, in Uptown Arts Caffee (David Ferenc 13, Cluj).

Oh! The theme is perfume and it will have a related dress code: wear something inspired by your favorite perfume! Should be very fun, I say.

Come, if you're in Cluj. Here's the FB event.

The organisers are: Gloria & the girls from Flash me, Daria of KittenhoodDarvas Orsolya, Iulia of La Jolie Julie & yours truly.



Finally! A few photos I took with my phone, as my main camera decided to run out of battery when I least expected (I blame the cold outside for that). Anywho, enjoy the pics! All the girls were so pretty dressed up in something that represents each one's favorite scent! 

I loved, loved, loved the atmosphere & definitely can't wait for the second edition. It will happen in February, but I'll keep you posted!


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