Love her makeup (especially when it matches the glasses)

via Fashion Copious

Try taking your eyes off that gorgeous pastel frames for a bit and focus on the makeup-frame color coordination. 
I mean... I think this is the cutest idea I've seen lately!

I love the eye makeup, but it's harder to translate the bolder looks into real life. 
The way I see it, there are advantages and disadvantages:

+ Matching the eye shadow/eyeliner with the frames of the glasses doubles the statement
Plus: an unusual color looks even more appealing. 
Nude shades and pastels look so, so cool! I wish I owned that blue pair!

- Dark makeup for dark frames is a risky combination. You might end up looking mysterious or gloomy (Whoops!). 
I have no idea how this would work for a red pair of frames. I mean, it works for a total pink look, but red? Hm. But how I wish I had a red pair too! I never find one that suits my face.

As you can see, I'm torn between all the possibilities!

Do you wear glasses? Would you go for such a combination?

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  1. I love this so much! I reckon it'd be a tough call IRL... you'd need the "right" eye/lens size ratio to avoid the "dark" look. But as far as the shoot goes, it's gorgeous!


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