Blog of notice: Sighs and Whispers

Today I feel like making a quick spotlight about the blog Sighs and Whispers because of its beautiful and inspiring images. The owner, Laura, spends a great deal of time scanning pages from vintage magazines. That kind of sounds like the best occupation ever, really!

Above, my favorite images from the archives (from top left): 

1. C. Hérouard, La Garçonne at home, 1925. Originally printed in La Vie Parisienne. Scanned from Artistic Luxury.

2. James Moore for VIVA, March 1976.

3. Helmut Lang cat bustier bodysuit. Photographed by William Claxton for Vogue Paris, November 1989. (OMG!)

4. Justine with a Vidal Sassoon haircut and Don Berg for Tiffany's earrings. Photo by Hiro for Harper's Bazaar, August 1972.

Anyway, I've been following her blog for months and thought that browsing it would be the perfect Saturday occupation. 

What are you waiting for? Get to it!



  1. Thanks for sharing this, i'm crazy about old magazines! <3


  2. you're right, i want her job! these are amazing!


  3. Thank you for your lovely post on my blog! It's nice to know that people are enjoying it!

  4. Thank you for being such an inspiration!! 


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