Yesterday (& the shortest DIY in history)

I'm not even sure this qualifies as a DIY, but it's a really easy way to change the way your shoes look. Plus, it only takes a couple of minutes to do. 

Anyway, I've been having many types of ribbon laying around since I've been so obsessed with making bracelets out of them a month ago. So of course I've been wanting to try an old school look on this pair of white sneakers. I loved finishing with a bow because they look extra-preppy and cute. Not like the rest of my outfit. 

(Tip: Don't burn the ends to prevent the ribbon from tearing apart. Use instead some transparent glue on the edges. It will keep them in place, without the nasty look, smell or texture.)

On a different note, yesterday was the opening of a H&M store in my city. Went to check it out and walked home with a headband decorated with little ears which I literally can't wait to wear. Everyone else takes themselves too seriously. 



  1. I have a pair of sneakers with ribbons, too! they're extra cute!
    how was the opening? I went to new look instead.

  2. i've been reading about the opening in the press, but didn't attend it myself. i went in the afternoon & it was still super crowded with long lines going into the changing rooms. maybe i'll go again one of these days, also to check if they brought in more clothes... i didn't see some stuff i expected to see.


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