Love her make-up

Mary-Kate and Ashley attending JCPenney and People StyleWatch’s “Miss for a Must” event, two days ago.

LOVE Ashley's make-up and the way her hair is pulled to the back so that it highlights her face. So pretty!

Really hope I can make this into a regular, make-up related post. 
I'm finding way too many photos like this one to pass up the opportunity to share them here, too. 
Whose make-up did you love lately?



  1. woop woop, nice pick! she's gorgeousss!

  2. When do they NOT look stunning? From the hair, to the makeup, to the clothes...they always come out on top!

  3. yes they do! i can't help it but post photos of them from time to time, i guess i should have started a fan blog by now, haha!

  4. Oh I know what you mean...I feel like my hard drive might explode if I add one more pic of them in my "style file" haha!

  5. Intotdeauna mi-au placut fetele la machiaj la imbracaminte, e perfect... Au stil, de necontestat asta :D


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