Elizabeth Olsen

Finally, Elizabeth Olsen is getting more and more (press) attention. 
This time, W magazine calls her "the third Olsen". A pretty long and interesting interview with Elisabeth can be read here.

So timeless, so... chic!

My favorite part from the interview:

We were eating lunch in one of her favorite health-food restaurants, around the corner from her apartment in downtown Manhattan. ­Olsen was wearing black shorts that showed off her long, bare legs, a sheer orange top, and flat Céline loafers. Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and the streaming sunlight seemed to amplify the glow of her face. [...] “My dad wanted all the girls in our family to be independent,” Olsen explained, as she drank a dark green shake of kale, spinach, and other assorted leafy vegetables. “All the women in the family have this crazy drive. As a kid, I always liked auditioning, but after five auditions or so I missed ballet and after-school sports. My father told me to write out a pros and cons list: acting vs. ballet and sports. I needed to have reasons to decide to do one or the other. (link)


  1. she is even prettier !!have you seen my new post ? 

  2. So timeless, so... chic! 
    So truueee ! :D 


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