6 reasons to love New York. In fashion terms!

Five facts about New York, each resulting from the one before it:

1. Variety, variety, variety!

In NY you can be whomever you want to be.This freedom translates into the biggest (and chicest) city in the world.

2. The RTW shows: where trends are being born

In New York we get the first look of what everybody will be wearing during the next months. And that alone is just fantastic! This is the essence of Fashion Week and its influence onto street-style is instant! My favorite appearances are of people rocking a runway look the day after the show. Ahh, the glamour!

Anna Dello Russo in Mary Katrantzou.

3. Eclectic street-style

Need I say more?

4. Never-ending inspiration source

Never-ending inspiration source for the fashion professional and for the regular Joe. Maybe you are the next cool person on the street, a designer, a model, a journalist, an artist, a photographer... you name it! New York has it for you.

Tamu McPherson. See a full post about her here.

 5. Regeneration

Trends may be born in NY, but they sure go down fast. But hey, that's a good thing! We need to continuously challenge ourselves, figure out how to include new style-staples into our wardrobe and, of course, evolve constantly!

My style icon, Taylor Tomasi Hill. Ph. source

6. Media Exposure 

After all that's been said above, I can't even begin to imagine how many opportunities there are for a young talent to be discovered. Think about all the marketing firms and/or media outlets.The media are covering fashion shows all day, every day. The world can't wait to hear what's happening on the street and in backstage. Can you?

Photo from my tumblr. 

 Can you think about anything else that makes NY the fashion capital of the world? 


  1. I really love NY. Love this post !

  2. I really love NY. Love this post !


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