The week... in pictures

I've been looking forward to whip out a photo heavy post like this one because last week was so fun!

I've been up to lots of things, including DIY-ing bracelets (definitely one of the highlights, in love with what turned out) and visiting a town I've never explored before.

Here are some of the photos I've been sharing via the Nokia N8, using Molome.

Clockwise from bottom left: me looking all touristy in my travel outfit; fixing my hair while at this super-cute coffee shop; rainy day outfit; the boyfriend having "brinner" (= breakfast + dinner, in case you were wondering).

Clockwise from bottom left: our cable car is coming!; the latest DIY clutch which I wear all the time; some of the DIY bracelets; trying a glittery French manicure while reading magazines.


You know, what I really loved about last week was the fact that I had so many opportunities to take spontaneous photos of anything and everything from flowers to impressive landscapes. This is something so fun to do especially in a foreign city!

That's why I am inviting you to come with me

(click for more)

Wearing the all black/hippie ensemble to go to a concert. Perfect for some much needed comfort!

All photos taken with the Nokia N8. Last two photos taken with my Nikon.


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