Style icon: Taylor Tomasi Hill

Like I've promised, here's a super-special post about my personal style icon, Taylor Tomasi Hill. There's something about her eclectic style which I found to be a true influence on developing my own. When it comes to style, nothing is impossible for Taylor: she makes the weirdest looks work, combining truly unpredictable pieces. So basically this is why I love her:

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's what you should know about Taylor: she is the style and accessories director for US Marie Claire magazine, after previously being the accessories director for Teen Vogue magazine. Most of her street-style photos are shot during fashion weeks, so we're always going to see her on the run. Her looks are both fun and edgy when she's off to attend a major fashion show. This being said, I've put together some collages to illustrate her style:

Click here for 5 more collages and a breakdown of Taylor's trademarks!

all photos via the fashion spot

Taylor's trademarks:
- bright lipstick
- stacks of bracelets
- edgy accessories
- purses in neon or nude hues
- high heels
- a bit of animal print
- rock-chic inserts
- layering
- pencil skirts
- skinny jeans
- juxtapositions

What do you think about her style?


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  1. I hadn't heard of her but I'm loving her already!! I could see myself in every single one of her outfits...I find her unusual mix and match much more interesting and captivating than prim and proper chic looks

  2. Very inspirational!

  3. She wears the most beautiful clothes. Love her style. :)SArahD

  4. Ahh she's so perfect, she really is!

  5. Very inspirational!


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