On (Style) Icons

I've been doing some thinking.

Generally, when I'm  asked to talk about my own style icon, my mind instantly generates names like Miroslava Duma, Emmanuelle Alt, MK & A Olsen, Catherine Baba, Vika Gazinskaya, etc. (I think I could go on forever!). Each of them have unique styles and surely one can pick a "how-to-wear" tip from any of their street-style photos. Can you guess which one is my favorite? Pssst... I'll make a post on her soon!

But here's the thing: these amazing women are dubbed style icons because of their appearance, 
what they wear and how they style their final looks, right?

So here comes my question:

How about considering designers as style icons? After all, they are the ones creating entire collections which bleed style. Think about Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Karl, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang and, mais oui, Yves Saint Laurent! Besides looking poised (and ultimately being the epitome of what they are preaching), these designers define and set trends right from the starting point, long before they get to the rest of us.

Their lives are super-stressful as one can imagine, but somehow they manage to establish a certain look, a signature style which sets them apart as icons. Fashion designers are double style icons, which is just another reason to look up to them.

On the same note, I ran across this interview of Valentino, in which he says...

"[...] I have always accepted with joy all the names and the titles that they have given me: ‘The King’, ‘The Emperor’, ‘The Icon.’ I am Valentino. I live in my own world. My life didn't change, it's always been the same. I still am like I was many, many years ago, the same person. I love to create clothes, I love beautiful things, I love beautiful houses, I love entertaining. If they want to call me ‘icon’, OK, then I am an icon. What can I say?"

So there. What do you think? Could designers be considered style icons as well?


  1. i love how down-to-earth and upfront he is with his answer. go Valentino!

  2. un designer ar trebui sa fie in primul rand un designer, sa iasa in evidenta prin intermediul creatiilor lui si nu datorita imaginii sale personale. prefer sa aud ca ultima colectie Jean Paul Gaultier a fost mind blowing decat sa aflu cat de cool s-a imbracat el la ultimul "happening". dar daca deja vorbim despre designeri precum cei enumerati de tine, incluzandu-l evident si pe cel mentionat de mine, designeri ce si-au dobandit statutul de creatori de imagini vestimentare ce au schimbat moda secolului trecut, si cu siguranta vor continua sa o schimbe si pe cea a secolului prezent, eu cred ca putem cu usurinta, si pe buna dreptate sa ii numin "fashion icons". adoram finalurile grandioasa si narcisiste ale lui Galliano, iubesc fenomenul Karl Lagerfeld. dar la fel de mult iubesc si naturaletea surorilor Mulleavy care par a veni dintr-o lume in care creatorii de minuni opereaza mereu din spatele cortinei, lasand creatiile sa vorbeasca pentru ei, nu prin ei.

  3. @oana - sunt foarte de acord cu tine, ceea ce creaza un designer ar trebui sa vorbeasca despre el in primul rand. dar iata designerii mari cum devin "fashion icons"! si eu il ador pe karl, e unic, asa cum sunt si surorile Mulleavy. mersi frumos de comment, te pup!

  4. i love how down-to-earth and upfront he is with his answer. go Valentino!


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