June via the Nokia Pink N8 & a new challenge!


Quite a bunch of photos to share with you!

Back in June, I was given the opportunity to try the new Nokia N8, in pink! It was super-fun and I got to snap loads of photos with it. Besides being super slick and easy to use, it has a 12 MP camera, so it's like one big party in your pocket! The N8 tagged along with me even at a fashion show, the UAD Gala (psst! see runway snaps taken with it here). That event was quite a good training for my next challenge:

I've participated in the NOKIA & ELLE competition for The Next Style Correspondent (as announced) and I've made it all the way to round three! Just one step away from New York fashion week! Eeeep!

I'll start composing my Style Portfolio for the competition soon, it will be so much fun! I need your full support, this time in likes, here! It would mean so much to me! Thank you.

Much more about that tomorrow, when you will also get to see the goodies I've been sent to help me complete this round - fingers crossed!

Until then, feel free to click through the photos below...

P.S. Special thanks to the WOMWorld Nokia team for making all this possible!

- Bought a massive amount of bracelets last month -

- Hm, quite impressed by this (cherry?) tree -

- My cat using one of my bags as a pillow -

- The boif and I at the UAD Gala, as mentioned above. I'm sporting a psychedelic outfit and this is the only photo it appears in, uh-oh! -

- After a long study session (can you tell?) and a beautiful arrangement:  those flowers are placed in what I suppose it's an amazing vintage sink -

- Simply beautiful! -

- Last photos taken over at a new summer coffee/refreshments spot -



  1. Daca tot nu m-am calificat decat pana in etapa a doua, iti tin super stransi pumnii sa ajungi in New York. Asa ca big Like!
    Deja ma gandesc la cate postari vei face doar pentru acea saptamana de vis! :D

    Good luck!

  2. Multumesc, esti o scumpa! Daaa, sper mult, mult de tot sa ajung la NY. Sa vezi atunci ce cantitate de poze pe blog :))

    Thanks again & KISSES!

  3. love how you tied up your watch! and congrats on going further!

  4. Normal! Blogul tau va fi in extaz! :))
    Iar eu te voi obliga *ahem...* pardon, ruga sa-mi aduci un suvenir. :))
    Pacat ca nu ai linkul acela de Like pe care il aveam eu pe blog, ca te promovam peste tot.

  5. Ah, dar uite ca l-am gasit!

    Send it to everyone and put it everywhere! :D

  6. Bracelets.... yummy ..
    Woaaa...ce dragut e ceasul :X:X:X cu rooz

  7. @Sunshine Sarah: Obligatoriu iti aduc ceva de la NY! Multuu pt sustinere! :D Linkul l-am gasit si eu ieri si am facut ceva frumos din el, pentru blog :D Hard promotion from now on! xx

    @Claudia: da, e roooz, e un fel de DIY in sensul ca am dat jos cureaua veche si acum jonglez cu esarfe de diverse culori in locul ei :)xx


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