UAD Gala 2011

The UAD Gala is slowly but steadily becoming a tradition on this blog. On Saturday I attended this year's edition. The gala is the graduation show for the students at the University of Arts and Design. This year, there were 28 collections plus 6 more belonging to the grad students.

I loved how the event was organised: the collections were dynamic and very different from one another. You couldn't possibly avoid being captivated by the sequences. I didn't even feel how time was flying away. Or maybe I was too preoccupied to snap photos. If you follow me on twitter, you must have seen some of my live tweets and photos from that night.

Clickity-click below for many more photos!

Before the show started, I took a quick glance backstage to peek at what was going to be presented on the stage - shhh!

Above left: I asked to take a photo of that model. I must have felt how much I was going to love that collection! Details below...
Above right: a clothes rack looking so inviting...
Below you will find some photos from some of my favorite collections or snaps I just found interesting. Check the names of the designer and the collection on the left side of each photo.

These kiddies were so much fun! I think everybody loved them! And the clothes suited them so well with all the fun colors and shapes!

Clearly my favorite collection, its references target ethnic problems or clashes. The resulting mix is wonderful!

Loved this collection too! The detailing was wonderful and the fetishist touches were well integrated.

This is some very good texturing going on. Simple shapes, in order to allow the textures to express themselves freely. Loved the constructed shoulders as well!

The only men's collection, I thought this to be a very urban and wearable collection.

Ah, again a favored collection. Few photos to prove it, but it was a special mix of ethereal and precious. feminine to the core.

The dress above! Need I say more?

Ovidiu Pop's collection (grad student) was fabulous to say the least!

Aaand it's a wrap!

Thanks for reading!



  1. It's very cool that you got to go backstage!

  2. did you take all these with the pink phone? :)

  3. @kittenhood: yeap, most of them. should have credited it :)) anyway, i'll make a separate post for the many other photos i took with it :) just you wait :D

  4. It's very cool that you got to go backstage!


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