The Next Style Correspondent

Here's something fun I'm currently participating in and I thought you might be interested too!

Nokia is partnering with ELLE Magazine in their search for the next style correspondent. Eight finalists will be chosen to attend New York fashion week this fall to cover the latest trends, interview designers and more! 
Aaand, the grand prize is the opportunity of being profiled in the pages of ELLE Magazine!

How exciting is that? You can enter by visiting Nokia’s facebook page and uploading a photo of you wearing a stylish ensemble. You've got to hurry up though because the first round ends on June 21!

The search for the next style correspondent is being celebrated with the launch of the new Pink N8 and I've been asked whether I'd like to try it out for a couple of weeks! Why yes, please! 
The phone arrived yesterday together with a few treats and it is amazing to say the least.

I've been playing with it and the best feature is, by far, the 12MP camera. I'm also having lots of fun sliding from one screen to the other, each personalized to fit various widgets. Not to mention discovering all the things it can do. Oh, and look below...

How cute is the pink notebook/agenda with my name on it? Very!

Last but not least (keeping it pink these days!) here's a preview of tomorrow's post:


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