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So lately I've been feeling like stirring up a bit the list of blogs I follow: I've unsubscribed from some (ok, many) feeds, added others, even deleted a couple of folders.

Everything looks so much better (& inspiring now!).

Considering that change is good and sharing is caring, allow me to introduce you to the first post in what I plan to develop into a series.

Blog of notice will introduce you to a new blog each week so that your daily reading list doesn't get stuck in a rut like mine did. Browsing inspiration at its best!

This is why today I am introducing you to this fantastic blog I have discovered recently: LOVE AESTHETICS.

You know when a blog is good when you spend a lot of time going through old posts, right?

The girl behind the blog is Ivania and she is a fashion journalist.

As the right side of her blog states, she has a basic bizarre style. I would say it's more of a minimalistic with a twist, but who am I to judge? No matter how it's called, she styles some pretty amazing looks for herself.

Take a look at the pictures below.

And click click click over to her blog too. 

photo credit: love aesthetics

What about you? Any good blogs you have ran into recently?


  1. The images do look promising and it seems that she has a great personality with identity. later, FashionLifeCoach

  2. i've browsed so much of her blog that i think it's safe to say she does have a great personality to go with the looks, indeed.

  3. Câh! i really hate the last picture. The clothes take a beautiful, appealing girl and turn her into a flat, faded, ill-disposed shadow.

  4. why on earth do you hate the photo? i think it looks wonderful and a tad delicate

  5. zoe - LightningfactoryAugust 24, 2011 at 10:36 PM



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