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It could be just my recent interest in makeup of all sorts (I blame you, crazy colored lipsticks) but I do find this blog more fascinating than ever. And I happened to run into this interview with  Emily Weiss and  think Hey, why now post about it? It is definitely one of the top blogs out there!

So yes, Emily is the blogger behind Into the Gloss. Her blog is about the beauty secrets and routines of some of the biggest fashion influencers. I absolutely love this blog, it offers some great reads, just like some sort of personal journal... but about makeup. And skincare! Babbling aside, it is quite nice to read what Emily has to say about her own routines, personal style, career and life, in general. A few excerpts:

I had the idea for Into the Gloss last August when I realized that my favorite blogs are all about personal style, particularly the personal style of these fashion people, but no one was talking about beauty. And that’s a major aspect of personal style! Like, who cuts your hair? Or what is that mascara that you can’t live without and you’ve been using for ten years? Just like clothing, a lot of these fashion girls and fashion people have very curated beauty routines. They’re trying everything — it’s all at their fingertips, the best skin-care and makeup brands. And most of the people working in beauty and fashion, I’ve found, don’t actually wear a lot of makeup. But what they do do, they do for a really good reason.

Currently, I find it very interesting to see the career path of people like Emily. This is why I will quote this too:

How did you first get into the fashion industry?
While I was at NYU, I interned at Teen Vogue for three years, from my sophomore year to my senior year. I started in the fashion department, in the closet, and after a few months I got to work with Jane Keltner de Valle, in fashion news, for the remainder of the time. And then they made me a contributor, which was really cool because they had me styling and writing some things that I had pitched. I did a lot of street scouting, too. I would go and scout outside of the schools uptown — like, those girls’ schools on the Upper East Side, and look for girls to put in the magazines. Now I work with Elissa Santisi, who’s the former style director of Vogue. I joined her when she became a freelancer in 2008. In between [Teen Vogue and working with Santisi] I worked at W for a minute, as a fashion assistant, but that was mostly market and calling things in, and I really like the more creative aspect of styling and making the picture.

The complete interview over at The Cut: Emily Weiss Loves a Good Mist, Doesn’t Care About the Perfect Barrel Curl



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