Hot right now

1. SHORT, WAVY BOBS. Yes, probably Alexa Chung has been sporting the look for quite some time now, but the trend is growing at a fast pace. I especially love this cut on Arizona Muse (right, below).

sources: left/right: Arizona via tumblr

2. STACKED BRACELETS. Bracelets and watches if possible, in the most outrageous combinations.

3. OVERSIZED CLUTCHES. I pretty much happen to think the AA clutch is perfect in every possible way. Also, suitable to wear in the middle of the day.

4. BEIGE/NUDE EVERYTHING... especially NAIL POLISH. When every other person is wearing red nail polish, it's time to switch to the classics: wear nude nail polish.

via tumblr

5. PLASTIC BAGS. Candy colored madness.


sources: left/right



  1. candy colored bags definitely. and that bob won't look right on my face at all.haha

  2. wow, I also wrote about oversized clutches today!
    I love those plastic bags, they're adorable!!


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