Girl of the moment...

You must know her by now. Often referred to as model of the moment, Arizona is making her way straight to the top. There wasn't a show for the next season that didn't include her. With an impressive showlist, she walked all the important labels and opened a good bunch of them. She has also been appearing in lots of fashion editorials, one more beautiful than the other.

Arizona is 22 now, but started modelling several years ago. She took a year off to have a baby and has only recently made her comeback in the modelling world. But what a comeback!

Here are some photos of her, from backstage and from various editorials:

photos from her tfs thread

Also, her name? Yes, it is for real:

"DC: You've got such an amazing name, is it your real name?! Everyone wants to know!
Arizona Muse: It is! I was born in Arizona. My mum's English and she'd just moved there right before I was born. 
I guess she was really impressed by the desert and she named me Arizona! Muse is my dad's last name so that's that! 
I like it but it took a long time to get used to! "(Dazed)



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