Friday bloggers: IFB love!

Evolving Influence is a fashion blogger conference organised by IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers). The latest edition is still happening while I am writing this. The conference (which also includes a series of workshops) is bringing together some of the most successful fashion bloggers in the world. Bloggers who have reached a point where they can make a living out of their blogs. Cool stuff, isn't it?

Now, the conference consisted of four main panels: Who Owns Your Blog Content?, The Business of Blogging, Working with Brands Gracefully and Rise of the Professional Blogger. These were also on livestream and I actually arrived home just in time to see the last two panels. Here is a transcription of the last panel, Rise of the Professional Blogger and a liveblog on The Business of Blogging. After watching the livestream on this two panels, I was genuinely sad to miss the first ones. So you can imagine I can't wait for the  videos to be available!

It was amazing to hear all these bloggers whom are so well-known online speaking about the issues of fashion blogging. I can only wish to be able to participate in the next conference, it looks like a fantastic opportunity for bloggers. 

And you? 
Did you know about Evolving Influence? Did you attend or did you watch the livestream?


  1. I woke up at 7:30 am to get ready to see the panels. I was really lucky to be able to watch the whole thing (well, as much as the stream allowed).

    I loved the second panel "The business of blogging", the guy from Gucci made amazing points about aproaching brands and advertising. I really liked that panel, it was my favourite!

    During the last two panels, the streaming was so bad, that I missed the Q&A on the third and a big part of the fourth, but on the chat next to streaming we started an extremely interesting conversation about expanding, working with brands, engaging our readership, types of blogs and bloggers.

    It was my favourite part of the whole con.

    The girl from NYLON in the last panel really annoyed me :S I didn't like what she said. I don't think you neccessarily need to have a job in fashion to blog about fashion.

  2. I watched the live-stream for a couple of the panels (I think the second and third panels). It was really interesting & there were a few really great comments made. I hope that it is still going in a years time because I may be able to pop over for it!

  3. I thought the 2nd and last panels were the most informative, so at least you were able to catch that one!
    you have to try and go next time! it was cool to be able to network with everyone in person in between all the sessions.


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