Friday bloggers: Did you cover NYFW?

Ok, hold it.
Let's go first to: did you follow the shows? Hunt for backstage photos, front row photos or follow the hashtag on twitter?

gifs from the amazing tumblelog From me to you

As NYFW is coming to an end, I am curious to know how much attention did it get from you and whether this was reflected on your blog. I love posting highlights from here and there if I find them particularly appealing. (And can't wait to go through all the collections and streetstyle/backstage photos I have missed. What a treat!) Also, I have been following the official photos on and, but twitter and tumblr photos were also a couple of favorite sources. Can you blame me for wanting the inside scoop?

So I am asking you:

Did you cover NYFW?
Why? Why not?

P.S. Next up? LONDON!

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  1. I followed some shows but not as actively as other seasons. I don't really do FW posts because I'm not patient enough with the images. I just stick to the live streaming shows, they are so much fun to watch.

  2. Love the pics! I like so much that they're moving.

  3. Love those gifs! :D

    Actually I wasn't paying attention to NYFW at all, I was more focusing on LFW as everyone seemed to be posting about it on facebook too !

    There's just so much going on in the fashion world, I wish I had time to see it all :D x


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