The blues

Life's a bleach and we live to dye
I'm blue. Actually I've dyed the ends of my hair blue. It's so fun to watch how the color shines in different lights revealing not only blue but also green highlights... I won't be keeping it for too long though. The plan is to cut the hair much shorter soon. Into a bob maybe? (Gulp.) As soon as I get bored with the blue shades.

Also, I'm currently enjoying a short holiday in between exams. Entertainment for the week: reading Oscar Wilde and watching old movies. Obsessed with these pieces of jewelery that you can see in the photos above. What's gotten into me with the golden hues, I don't know... I suddenly seem to find them more appealing than the darker, silver ones. Great times.



  1. I love how the blue goes with your eyes. Changes are always good :D.

  2. love it, looks gorgeous, slightly jealous cause I have black hair and have troubles in getting the ink to stick with it whenever I try that sort of thing :)

  3. Want to cut your hair???? Nooooo, I so love the ends of your hair much lighter than the rest. I saw it first on alexa chung and felt in love. Do you feel the need of a change?

  4. @Julie: Thank you! Now I'm only dreaming of bigger (hair) changes! :D

    @Wicked Halo: Thank you sweetie! Well, the solution is to bleach the ends of your hair... the color will stick on ;)

    @Roxa: Yeaaah I kinda do. I've been (stubbornly) putting it off for quite some time. Plus, those lighter ends have been around for more than a year... I'm quite bored with them. I'll go shorter in a week or so after I finish with all my exams. Plus, it's just hair, it will grow in no time, right? ;) love, love xx

  5. I love how the blue goes with your eyes. Changes are always good :D.


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