Friday bloggers: What are your favorite resources?

So, what comes to mind?

You would think it's easy to sum them up but, for me at least, is quite the task. For once, there are the biggies: the fashion spot, fashionista, refinery 29, style, sometimes jezebel (for all the juicy gossip - nom nom nom!), elle or vogue.

One of the second best places to get instant inspiration is my google reader. There I have gathered all my favorite blogs. By now the list is easily reaching several hundred blogs, sites and whatnot so inspiration is always on hand.
Reading as many as possible in the morning is a must.

Last but not least I go to tumblr when I need diversity at a higher pace. This thing is seriously addictive!
So many photos, so little time, to put it that way.

What are your favorite (blogging) resources?


  1. There are so many lovely blogs...But I've found it great The fashion spot, really complete and full of interesting news!!!!

  2. I really don't have any particular resources for content. I just google something if I want to blog about it. I use my google reader a lot and tumblr, weheartit and now pinterest for pictures.

  3. @Coco: tfs is one of the most complete resource, i agree! xxo

    @Julie: pinterest...i have to try that too. atm i'm waiting to get in ^_^ kisses!

  4. I love fashiongonerogue and tfs. Vogue and elle would be daily reads, also. :)SarahD x

  5. I love the Cherry Blossom Girl, and just random blogs I read daily. Tumblr is lots of fun too. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hai!

    I tagged you as a stylish blogger, I hope you like it :)
    You can find more info about it here:

  7. love your blog , it's really something. check mine and if you like it follow me and i will follow you

  8. I visit the famous fashion blogs but I also love to discover new ones, using,when I find a person with an inspirational look, I check her/his blog also. The sartorialist and his extremely cool girlfriend-Garance Dore are the everyday blogs I read.
    Streetstyle blogs as jak and jil, hanneli, stockholm street style are pretty good too.

  9. girllllllll u're so amazing.
    i absolutely love your style.

    if you want we can follow each other:)))

    bissou !!!!!!

  10. i love finding new blogs!!! it's always so much fun!!

    allister bee blog

  11. I have a few blogs in my favorites list that I check out daily, In Style is always a great fashion inspiration and for a fashion and celebrity gossip mix Yahoo's OMG is the place to go!

  12. @Coco: tfs is one of the most complete resource, i agree! xxo

    @Julie: pinterest...i have to try that too. atm i'm waiting to get in ^_^ kisses!


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