Friday bloggers: A tale of two blogs

You may have heard of it by now: Jennine's (IFB founder and fashion blogger extraordinaire) is having some trouble with the name and domain of her blog, The Coveted. A newly launched fashion site, also entitled The Coveted has taken a similar domain, thus confusing the audience and regular readers of Jennine's blog.

above: how the real Coveted looks

A mistake? I highly doubt it. As others suggested it too, the new site is trying to take advantage of the already established name to get extra traffic. But it is more than that. I think it is an abuse towards Jennine's brand. How can a new site even think of practically adopting someone else's brand? Did they think it is free publicity (or traffic)? Because it isn't: they are the ones who look really bad in this posture. Read the response they gave to Jenine's representatives.
I hope that there will be a happy ending for Jennine in this story. Here is a petition you can sign for supporting the real Coveted.

Did you know about this? Was this deliberate or a coincidence?


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UPDATE: The issue was resolved! The new Coveted is taking the name of The Coveteur while Jennine continues to use her established name brand.



  1. I found out when Jennine put it on her Twitter. I don't think this was a coincidence and I think it's disgusting how they reacted, they being the new coveted.

  2. I think the whole thing is ridiculous (in the sense that I can't believe the new blog was ridiculous enough to do this!).

  3. I'm doing some fundraising for Jennine on my blog!

  4. I found out about it a couple of days ago, and given their site's subject matter and most of all their answer to Jeannine's pleas for agreement this was definitely a deliberate and misintentioned move on their behalf. Gross if you ask me and I have made a point of deliberately not visiting their site not even out of curiosity...this is one visit they're not getting!

  5. @WendyB: i know, i already visited your page! great idea & initiative!

  6. I didn't cotton on to this until after I read the post on Jennine's blog (got linked it) - it's awful this is happening to her!

  7. A disrespectful, deliberate and horrible thing to do!

  8. i've heard about this and its such a pain for her to go through, i really feel for her! i hope everything can get settled in a mature and timely manner! i think that the 'new' coveted should respect her reputation and business and change their name!
    oh and thanks for your comment on my blog! :)
    Fashion Bag 411

  9. I didn't know about this, how awful. I would recommend that no-one visits their site even out of curiosity xxx

  10. hope things work out for her.xx


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