Party + Party

Many more photos ahead, clickity-click for more eye candy!

This looks like the perfect party scene. I love it when lookbooks are presented in such a funny and casual way. No stiff poses, but lots of different settings and feelings. Some of the essentials: headpieces and over-the-top tiaras, see-through dresses, high heels, (faux) furs, animal prints, best friends. The most important parties of the season happen on Christmas and on New Year's: party + party. I was planning to save the last photo until the moment is right, but it was just too good not to share right now.


So caught up with last minute Christmas preparations! Trying to whip up some sort of holiday outfit (inappropriate for this weather, of course). Let's just see how that turns out!



  1. These photos are delicious! I need a party like that. :)

  2. OMG seriously these photos are AMAZING!!! I love them all but my fav one is the last one! So hot!!!
    Have a fab holiday girl!!


    Everyone Loves Lipstick Style Blog

  3. Love the shots, epitome of fun and fashion!
    Thanks for sharing the last photo! A visual desert!
    Check my christmas post for you on my blog!

  4. THose editorials strengthen my Christams party mood even more than it is right now ;-) have a good one, FashionLifeCoach


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