Keep me warm

These photos were (literally) taken in a couple of minutes because it was way too cold to stay still for proper pictures. I don't know about you, but I have to keep moving whenever I step outside in the cold or else I will freeze. 
Everyone tells me that this coat looks sooo warm and, guess what, it really is. But sometimes I do wish it was longer, so my legs would also be at least partially covered. The good part though is that I get to wear lighter clothes underneath or even skirts/ dresses. Yes!



  1. I'm the opposite, I need to constantly move when I'm inside. Right now it's super sunny and warm outside.

    That coat looks so warm and cozy :3.

  2. I love vintage fur jackets or coats and they really keep you warm. Perfect partner for walkouts in the winterwonder land. merry christmas, FashionLifeCoach

  3. ooh, I love how you're wearing the brooch :)

  4. Thank youuu!

    @kittenhood: i looove the brooch.. i'm pinning it on EVERYTHING! trying to figure out a way to wear it on Christmas Eve, too :)

  5. waw you look so great in that coat! I descovered your blog today via "This is my suit." You have a great style!


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