Image posts vs. written posts: which ones do you prefer?

Better said, which ones do you end up using more of on your blog? I ask this because is a very tricky issue. On one hand, people tend to cut to the chase, look at the pretty pictures and then look away. This constant need for something new makes us all devour information and visuals with the speed of light, always wishing for more.

On the other hand, there are the written posts. The time that it takes to craft them properly. What will you write about? What is your opinion on the subject? Last but not least, what image(s) will you choose to illustrate your point?

Those are the questions.

You see, only in time our readers will decide what they think we are best at. Whether we are excellent at picking images that complete each other or masters of the written word, in the end we simply have to find a way to make these work into one wonderful piece: the blog.

So, tell us, what kind of posts do you prefer to put out there? Are you more about text or visuals?

P.S. So sorry I have skipped the last editions of Friday Bloggers! I just wanted to take time and say Thank you to all of you who are following this series form the beginning. To those of you who are new around here, welcome! Feel free to browse through all the past editions: they are valuable and delightful compendiums in which we all share our opinions and experiences, learning from each other along the way.




  1. I think it depends on what I find when I have time to post. I love both, it gives balance to the blog.

  2. I'm a very visual person, so I usually tend to overload on the images, so I guess I try to make my point in the least amount of words and with as many images as possible

  3. I do like a blog with pictures, but I like a balance between text and pictures. A huge chunk of text can sometimes put me off. Unless it's quite eye catching :)

  4. You know what... It really depends on my day. Like if I've had a long tiring day but really want to see some new posts from my lovely bloggers, then I prefer picture posts because I wouldn't wanna read a long written post. But then I have those days where I can read blogger like a book. Lol.

  5. Definitely text, but a combination of both is perfect :)

  6. i tend to go for image posts now because people are too much in a hurry to read everything. but once in a while i lean for the written post.

  7. I think is better to post both:) but, personnaly, post more photos because I'm too lazy to write

  8. depends i prefer both.. something like an article in a magazine.. but the image post are very cool and inspire a lot!! cool blog, im a new follower!!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!!

    xx :)


  9. I would keep the balance of images and text.I guess the most important thing is,that the image, as well as the text should reflect your own handwriting.And that the text is not too long, as people tend to be lazy to read it.Unfortunately. later, FashionLifeCoach

  10. It depends on the content and the quality of the images! It's great to keep some sort of a balance and have a bit of both. That being said fashion blogging is mostly about the visual.

  11. oh! it depends: what is she/he writting about, how is it written, what images are posted....

    i just bumped into your blog! love it!

    xoxo from rome

  12. I use them both, I use words to express my point of view and then come with a few pics to illustrate the writing. They complement each other and I think this is important. The visual impact is usually stronger, but you have to be creative, to combine words and images and present your ideas with personality.

  13. I think there should be a good mix and balance. But then again, it depends on the type of blog. There are a few blogs I follow with heavy writing and hardly any photos, but that's the nature of that blog because it focuses on discussions and everyday topics. On the other hand, on fashion blogs I think it's important to have a good mix. Visual pieces can be vital in some posts. I like to do a little bit of both. Good question!

  14. I like a good mix, but I think a paragraph suffices. The impt thing is that you don't BS your way through posts. If you have nothing to say, a picture is worth 1000 words.



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