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Hello sweeties!

Allow me to start by saying that I don't consider myself a "blogger gone pro" (well, for now at least!). But I do like to think that time and experience in the blogging world add up over the years and there actually are some pieces of advice I could hand out myself lightheartedly.

A particular idea that came to mind was that while some of us have been blogging for years, others discovering just now the unlimited possibilities and magic residing in (fashion) blogging.

From here to reaching out to my remarkable and witty readers (yes, you!) was just a step. Why not make this week's edition of Fashion Bloggers a more thoughtful one? Learning from trial and error is a pretty rough way to enter the blogosphere.... So! Today's question is:

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

Would you tell them to put out there valuable content? Keep a balance between visuals and text? Promote like crazy? Make as many e-pals as possible? Be constant and passionate? Never give up? 
Because this is exactly what I would tell anyone. How about you?


Oh, and last but not least, hear this out:

P.S. Please excuse last week's blogging hiatus. I have been going through some technical difficulties and a  serious lack of sleep. The good news is that I have some very nice posts already queued up so hopefully you won't have to wait until Monday for an update! Check back soon & love you dearly!


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  1. I would say that stay true to who you are and keep writing. The comments, the advertising and the deals will come along but the important thing is to keep on going.

    Being honest along with writing about something you're passionate about is the key. At least I think so.

  2. x TELL people about what you do. Honestly, the first time I linked to my website on my Facebook account, I thought I was going to have a heart attack (because writing is just so darn PERSONAL!), but then I gave myself the pep talk equivalent of a cold bucket of water thrown in my face and realised that I just had to GET. OVER. IT. (And that really, even if someone visited Frock & Roll and thought ''what is this garbage?!'', at least they'd think it was so ridiculous that they'd probably return! Hello, new visitor!)

    x Deliver as much fresh, terrific content as you can, and get clever with promoting it. (Twitter? Facebook? Stumble Upon?)

    x COMMUNICATE! And always be nice about it, darn it. Gosh, how simple does that sound?! I know it's something that probably comes to most of us naturally, but I think it's important to re-state. Be nice to your readers. Be nice to your Twitter followers or anybody who takes the time to e-mail or make contact with you. Comment on other people's blogs. Be nice to everybody that you might meet at an event. Which leads me to my next point!

    x Network! Put yourself out there! Yes, it's nerve-wracking, YES, it can be scary, but you'll always meet a stack of interesting people, establish some excellent connections and who knows, you could make yourself a bunch of fabulous new friends!

  3. i like this friday thing you got going! thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog :)


  4. I'd say, stay true to yourself as well, say what you feel like saying and not what you think people want to hear, it's important to have fun while blogging because that will show regardless of how you approach the whole blogging thing

  5. I agree with Corrine. One question so far: do you think the share button helps in spreading out your feed? I am still not sure about it. merry Christmas, FashionLifeCoach

  6. @Julie: I totally agree! Honestly is key.

    @Corrine: Oh my gosh, such great input! Thank you tons! The first point you've made, ohhhh dearrr: i acted as a scaredy cat, i was TERRIFIED by linking the blog to my FB account; it turned out fine, tho' people need to know what one is all about, especially if they are people you actually know you in real life...

    @modern viking vixen: so glad, it's my pleasure! kisses!

    @Wicked Halo: FUN, mad fun! it has to be like this for one to actually enjoy blogging in the first place. thank you sweetie!

    @FashionLifeCoach: No, those share buttons are useless, at least in my case. & i am quite sure that even if i made them more visible, people would still use their own apps/programs to share. at this point, i think only sites with huge, literally huge amounts of traffic can benefit from these share buttons with a visible result.

  7. hi. i'm new in the bogger comunity, or maybe im not really in because i don't really communicate with other blogers. i don't really have time.

    i'm not sure that the things i blog about are things that people would love or like or anything, but i'd like to know how to improve my posts. when i started the blog i told myself: this is for me and no one else. So i post what i like, love, am.
    Though i follow so many blogs with beautiful girls and interesting post that i wish my blog was like that.
    i'm only at the beggining so... hope i'll get better at this.
    So thank you for your advice and support. I think we all apreciate it.

    kisses&hugs :D

  8. @Sandra: hi there & welcome! i totally get the time problem, nowadays i have so little time left for socializing it almost hurts. but! there are still things you can do. first of all, what you are doing with writing for you is perfectly fine. however, if you want the public to interact with you, you have to do some little things: talk to them, ask questions, structure your posts better, try finding a few minutes to comment on other blogs too (they will almost always reply back on your blog). last but not least, experiment! with your blogging voice, see how media reacts, gather at least a few readers and interact with them as much as you can. let your blog grow organically, don't force anything. & from what i'm seeing, your are doing a marvelous job until now. hope this advice helped. xxo

  9. oh! thank you so much :D

    nu ma asteptam.

    you made my day!

    kisses :*


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