2010 blog roundup!

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Whew! It has been a long and busy year. This year meant passing the 1000th post mark, which was super exciting! But not more exciting than the fact that in October Sweet Fancy Treat celebrated 3 years of existence by hosting a giveaway. Also, this year two new installments called Friday Bloggers and Styling... kicked off. A couple of exclusive interviews and various designer spotlights have also been around. Without further ado, in chronological order...

"The concept of fashion does not rely solely on runway shows, afterparties and photoshoots for some time now. It must be because the main players (designers, fashion labels, big or small) have felt the possible danger of falling way behind times once everybody was entering a new online world."

"In the most subjective of ways I find myself at the start of this article openly admitting that the perfect coffee date is at home, on a cozy couch, in perfectly loose clothes. Coffee dates do not necessarily mean busy city expeditions. Neither they mean diving into a collective urban landscape together with other dozens of persons crammed in a stylish interior, irrespective of how large it may be."

"Competition should reflect in the final products.
Continuous competition with yourself, not with others.
Always work to improve efficiency, skills, experience.
Do your best. At least you won't be able to regret doing so.
Hardest tasks should be put first on the list."

"The Protect & Survive trend is about being strong, taking back control, making do with what you have around you, and bonding with family, friends and neighbours over common threats."

Featuring some excerpts from Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto for Growth:
"14. Don’t be cool.
Cool is conservative fear dressed in black. Free yourself from limits of this sort."

The first in the Stylin... series: Stylin' Girl: Leith Clark. And Lula!

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"This double T duo must be one of the most terrible, never-ending experiment out there. While trends are recurrent, themes are there all along, giving us different interpretations as time goes by. But the line between the two is on its way to be blurred for ever."

"Just like any other type of art, fashion is influenced at first by the context one is born and lives in. Sure, today the internet is our door to the rest of the world, ready to be opened at any time. The question is, does this new possibility have the power of influencing the way we dress in a consistent way?"

"Both fashion and architecture are very close to my heart, therefore I am extatic each time these two come together. Iris van Herpen is a relatively new name to the public. Judging by how fast her fame is growing, I would be tempted to say she will soon be the next leading designer. What is her connection with architecture? Well, read and see."

"Agnes Keszeg is a children’s book illustrator, fashion illustrator and puppet crafter, currently also experimenting with being an accessories designer. I met her at a coffee, on one of these lazy summer mornings. The questions I asked her were focused on her work, the beautiful dolls she creates and the reason why she chose to be an illustrator over being a fashion designer."

The first Friday Bloggers: Do you moderate comments on your blog?

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A Happy New Year to you all and may your wishes come true in 2011!
See you on Monday. Until then, stay warm and happy!



  1. I love this roundup. I just discovered your blog this year and missed a lot of these posts, it's time to play catch up :D.

  2. you've got some amazing looks up there!! great post and blog :)

  3. A-W-E-S-O-M-E :D

    Happy 2011, sweet Daiane! Have a magnificent time!

  4. Your pics are so awesome!You look like a model!

  5. Congreetz and thumb up for your excellent work. All the best for you in 2011. cheers 2011, FashionLifeCoach

  6. so awesome! you really have a great blog -- i'm excited to see where its headed in 2011 :) happy new year xo


  7. Ooo great post. You've got good taste. You've got a new follower love!


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