You Ice Queen, you!

While browsing the latest fashion editorials I noticed this fabulous pair of shoes. A few seconds later I realized I obsessed over the designer's work a few months ago, so of course I had to check out the entire set of photos. Surely, the shoes can only fit properly in absolutely mind-blowing photos (read below for details). 

I ended up loving everything: the concept, styling, setting and unique pieces. Here it is, Clara Paget by Damon Baker for Sheer Magazine:

The shoes are by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez. Absolutely love her work, it's edgy and unique.
What's that? Are you thinking of Lady Gaga too? Of course you do.

all photos from Fashion Gone Rogue



  1. WOW! those photos are insane/beautiful!

  2. those pictures are gorgeous! love the dress in the second picture...and yes i totally thought of lady gaga too :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  3. whew.. i just adore every little detail. some of the outfits were unflattering but still awesome.

  4. wow. those are insane. but amazing!

    i also like zuzana serbak's shoes that you've posted below. that's pure art and i love that.

    thanks for sharing daiane :)

    cins - [design3rd]

  5. Just gave your blog a shout out on TMT - thanks for sharing your fab eye for style with us all!

    xo Kirsten

  6. those pics are so cool! :D
    wanna follow each other dear? if you dont mind :)

    little geek madame

  7. These pictures are so remarkable. Definitely perfect for putting me in the winter spirit. And I am so in love with the shoes in the second picture.


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