Stylin' Boy: Patrick Wolf!

This is a first!

The Stylin' Girl series have been a constant around here, but this is definitely a unique edition! Why didn't I think about it earlier? I was listening to an older album by Patrick the other day and realized he would be the perfect fit for this weekly installment. I should even change its name to just Stylin'... 
But tell me, did you listen to any of his songs? They are as special as his personal style.
He even modeled in a Burberry ad, circa 2007 (see below, far left).


photos: tfs and the official site


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  1. Interesting...I think I like his hair blond best. Interesting and intriguing style. I'm still contemplating it all (I've never heard of him before, either). Hehe.

  2. reading and lovin' your cute blog gal! :)

    Kisses as well from Irene xoxo

  3. He is FABULOUS!!!! love this!!

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    Statements in Fashion Blog

  4. he's lovely. anyway, good luck for the giveaway

  5. somehow i never quite take notice of fashionable male icons but patrick here is looking pretty hunky and stylish in his many outfits!

    by the way, thanks for your lovely comment! i'm glad i found a new blog to read now :)

  6. He is defo worth mentioning on your Stylin` series. later, FashionLifeCoach

  7. oh wow. nice! he is most definetly stylin'. Great post!

    Quench Fab

  8. This is awesome! The Magic Position is one of my favorite songs of all time but I actually never knew what Mr. Wolf looked like!

  9. he is so stylish! great choice for your feature :)

  10. Never heard of him but wow, he seem to have an amazing style! x

  11. So inspiring!! And he has amazingggg hair too, lol! :)


  12. Never heard of him but wow, he seem to have an amazing style! x


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