How do you beat bloggers block?

photo: Frida Gustavsson, from my tumblr

Let's share!

You know the feeling: it's like the entire creativity flow goes down the drain on a moment's notice.

Here is a short list of things you can do to get yourself out of the bloggers block:

1. Read your RSS feed. Often.
2. Browse blogs or sites which provide excellent visuals (try Fashion Gone Rogue or The Fashion Spot).
3. Use Tumblr. Also know as procrastination at its best, it is an amazing inspiration source.
4. Try to come up with the perfect title then wrap the story around it.
5. Write everything down then edit your work. Heavily.
6. Pick an idea you have previously written down. I have a red Moleskine that I carry everywhere with me. You never know when a great idea might hit you!


So... what do you do to pull yourself out of the bloggers block?

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  1. Eeee, I go out and do something interesting. You know, like going to a weird festival or something. It usually turns into a post and then I start snowballing until I stop again.

    Not very effective but it's fun, plus I get to discover loads of new things :D.

  2. I go out, go to a movie,to an exposition, to a fair, browse some favourite sites and magazines, try to find an interesting title for my article.

  3. Great post your tips!!!

  4. to pull myself off of blogger block i watch some foreign films of any genre just so i get my brain juice flowing. :D i like watching Paris Je Taime a lot.

  5. kewl

  6. I never had it, but thank you so much for sharing :D And I think looking into magazines also helps no? :)
    Adore the picture btw!


  7. outfit posts always fix bloggers block :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  8. I usually keep everything I like or find interesting (which tends to be a lot, individual pics, links, artists) in my favorites or in a folder, so when inspiration fails me I peruse through my bookmarks, until something pops I feel should make a good post...and yes I find Tumblr to be the best in getting you exposed to sometimes random but great things

  9. My sketchbook and my camera are always in my bag sure it is a big bag for all the other stuff, which women need to carry around ;-) and very often I get my inspiration from coffee talks with the friends.

  10. I try to find inspiration in music, art work, movies....anything really! I rarely find myself with blogger's block.

    Quench Fab

  11. I hate bloggers block even if I don't get it too often (thank you blogger fairy for that!). I usually have issues with finding time to blog or will to blog when I'm faced with a computer at 11pm after a grueling day :P

    But bloggers block feels draining and tiring so I usually just take a break from it all. I close the new post tab and I watch a visually enchanting movie or watch my favorite music videos. I check other blogs or just visit the NY Mag/ style section.

    My boy also figured out a way to cure my block: we take a walk in the park or in the garden because he knows I'll dress up for that and it always ends up with some nice photos :)

  12. All those are a very good tips and I adore your blog
    Kisses and have a lovely MOnday

  13. Excellent advice! I'm new to Friday Bloggers, so I'll investigate and get back to you :)


  14. Great tips, I'm in total agreement about tumblr, it's so inspiring!!

  15. thanks for the tips!! and yes tumblr has some really inspiring pics!


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