Friday Bloggers: What is your favorite Tim Gunn advice?

This installment of Friday Bloggers is all new and different! Why? Because we all need the occasional wardrobe change, don't we? If you are new to the series, here is how it goes: each Friday, I ask a blogging-related question which we all answer. The result is a valuable and delightful compendium in which we all share our opinions and experiences.

But today... there is a twist. If you are as familiar with Project Runway as I am, this phrase alone should get you thinking.

I love Tim Gunn. I LOVE Tim Gunn. He could make me work harder than ever on anything. He is a real life persona and a respected critic. And guess what? He is always right! Sometimes I even wish I had him taking a look over my shoulder at my writing because I know he could improve it. This is why this week we are taking some of Mr. Gunn's famous sayings and turn them to blogging incentives.

Here are some famous catchphrases and their translations...

1. "This worries me" means... "Analise your blog with a critical eye."
2. "Talk to me" means... "Fix the problems, if any (I trust you!)"
3. "Make it work" means... "Choose a path and stick to it."
4. "Carry on" means... "You are doing great!"
5. "Go, go go!" means "Push yourself!"

What is your favorite Tim Gunn advice?

My favorite piece of advice must be "Make it work".
It is so epic and applies not only to fashion and blogging but also to various aspects of our daily life. Just try it!


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  1. "Make it work" is my favourite piece of advice as well. I particularly like when he is describing something using super weird words. He's just plain awesome and he's the best part of Project Runway.

  2. I think Talk to Me is a favorite! It applies to a lot of conversations I have with one of the most important people in my life. My boyfriend/son's father. We communicate very well telling each other how we feel & trusting each other to progress. I think that's something a lot of relationships lack! Between boyfriend and girlfriend, mom and child, mentor to student...whatever! Great blog topic!

    Quench Fab

  3. it's been a while since I've watched Project Runway and Tim Gunn is just epic. I like it when he says Make It Work.. his voice is cool, calming and makes you want to be more than what you already are. :)

  4. I like all of his quotes, but to be honest I'm not entirely sure how they relate to my blog. Other people may feel differently, but since my blog is not in competition with anything I just take it it whatever creative direction I feel works for me. x

  5. Lol, I just love Tim fave "translation": "Talk to me" means... "Fix the problems, if any (I trust you!)" SO TRUE! Haha!


  6. "Make it work" is my favourite Tim Gunn piece of advice.

  7. i loveee lanvin. great designs! thanks for your comment by the way

  8. i loveee lanvin. great designs! thanks for your comment by the way


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