Inspiration: Black & White Beauties + a Surprise!

If you have been reading for a while, you might remember the many times I mentioned how much I love B&W photos. Aren't they amazing? This is a special post dedicated to the pure beauty that only B&W photos can reveal.
Click read more to see other beauties like Kate, Alexa, Abbey and Diana.

Also, do you know what day is today? It's the day before Sweet Fancy Treat turns 3 years old! Yes, three! 
And this year, we'll celebrate with a... giveaway!
So, make sure you come by tomorrow to see what it's all about (besides a new installment of Friday Bloggers).
 Shhh! I assure you it will be fabulous!

all photos from my tumblr



  1. Happy blog birthday doll :) Love love love that first pic, amazing!

  2. i love that girls makeup,
    and awe happy blog birthday.

  3. happy blog birthday! And beautiful photos!

  4. happy blogiversay sweetie! many many many years more!!
    you should've posted that gorgeous b&w photo that's on tumblr too:x

  5. Hello!!
    tks 4 ur visit,u can come back wherever u want.
    congrats for the 3 years!!
    wonderful b&w picture :=)

  6. happy 3 years. more power to your blog! :D

  7. These are awesome! I LOVE the one with the make up on her eyes. So cute!

  8. *sigh* i am seriously in love with abbey lee. LOL. and all these pictures are beautiful!

    foloowed you on blogloivin', by the way :)

  9. amazing photos! the first one is unique :) have a lovely day! :):)

  10. I'm really loving black and white photos lately- I don't know what it is! Very beautiful set you have here :)

    And thanks for your comment on my jacket, it was very sweet! Be sure to check out my discount code giveaway at blog!


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