Three ways: back to school extravaganza!

So I have been wandering your blogs and from what I saw most of you will soon start school or uni again (if you already haven’t). And if you are anything like me, chances are you might want to give a little boost to your fall wardrobe.

The best thing is that those of us who start going to classes only in a month from now still have time to plot a strategy for new fall aditions. For those of you who just started, no worries! I have compiled a selection with that “back to school” flare, but also keeping the optimistic (read quirky) level up!

Also, you could read this as the "The quintessential back to school guide for all the smart girls", which means:

Imagine you are walking into this beautiful shop, full of the most amazing things you have ever seen: racks of clothes stretching from one end of the shop to the other, shelves full of shoes from the floor up to the ceiling; in one corner there are two armchairs and a tea table with magazines spread across it.

The feeling as you enter this shop as I called it above is is the feeling with which the Internet greats every one of us each day. How we choose to react to it is entirely our call. Sometimes, you might be overwhelmed and realise some of the things you see online cannot always be owned in real life. This may be one of the downsides of having Internet access. But things can change if we aim for the impossible. I strongly believe that. Here is why I am presenting you these three sets which should encourage you to dream it too:

So tell us! Which one is your favorite?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I am spending mine sans Internet (technical problems, boo!) but I will reply to each and every one of you on Monday! KISSES!



  1. you're becoming better at this;;)
    my fav is the second look;;)

  2. Lol... I can't make up my mind on witch I like most! They all seem so great.
    I really hope to NOT have internet this weekend so I can do smth productive, like studying. :))
    Have a relaxing weekend!


  3. I love your collages :D I can't make up my mind on which is my favourite.. All of them have some pieces I LOVE! :D x

  4. @nookie: coming from you, that's a compliment! thank you!! i was so sure you'll like that one best... don't ask how i knew it! ;;) ox

    @Sunshine Sarah: oh sweetie, good luck with what you have to do! apparently my internet connection is working again (don't know for how long though, it's always surprising)... oh well, you win some, you lose some..

    have a great weekend too! xx

    @Jonna: collages will soon become my speciality, haha! thank you & kisses!

  5. oooo! second one is my fav x

    just found your blog and it's lovely!


  6. hey nikki! glad you like the blog, come by anytime you want! oxx

  7. I love your collages :D I can't make up my mind on which is my favourite.. All of them have some pieces I LOVE! :D x


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