Monday Dilemma

Because Kristen McMenamy was our stylin' girl of the week, let's just consider this a follow-up post. These photos from Vogue Italia have already made rounds around the internet. Kristen McMenamy is photographed by Steven Meisel as a victim of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I am still kind of torn myself between saying yes or no this concept of ethical fashion. My opinion is that whether you hate and dismiss it or embrace it as a reality, the purpose was reached: to raise awareness. 

What do you think?

photos from fashion gone rogue


  1. those are realy epic photographs! Nice blog by the way and thanks for commenting and stopping by.

  2. Also, before I leave.
    I realized now,what the photos mean.
    The models are representing the animals
    that die or suffer in an enviorment
    like that. Also what has happened in the oil
    spill... I wish the oil spill never have happened...

  3. Stunning, breathtaking editorial. I love the idea behind it! She looks like dying mermaid. x

  4. I feel like it's the PC thing to hate it...but I hate being PC. I'm intrigued when people are inspired by current events, good or bad.

  5. @Shaurie: my pleasure! & thank you for stopping by too!
    yes, these photos want to recreate, in a way, the tragedy. at least people will be more aware that the nature is so vulnerable to our actions...

    @Jonna: oh, i am so relieved someone does think the making of this ed was a good idea! i think it is an alarm of sorts, but i can't help feeling terrified when looking at some of the photos. yet it is our reality... oxx

    @WendyB: i hate being PC too. i think that was my actual dilemma. & being inspired by good or bad events (as you say) can actually be transformed into art. maybe this is the case too.

  6. love it. what a way to address current issues without words. <3

  7. @modern viking vixen: hello! thank you for expressing your view on this topic.
    hm, i think i am slowly starting to think it is one of the best ways to bring the oil spill issue to light, ain't it so?

  8. Very strong. Very good.
    Though a bit creepy, I like the set.

  9. i really don't like it. i think it's still a sad thing. it'll be great if they included a statement of sorts, in the form of pictures or words that indicated what a terrible thing had happened with the oil spill. with just pretty pictures with a beautiful model and skilled photographer, it almost makes it seem like, "hey the oil spill can actually be kind of gorgeous!" not great. yes, the model looked like she was depicting the death of the animals, but she still looks good. if they wanna do that they need to show her literally with make up looking dead. not making death look beautiful.

  10. thank you all! just wanted you to know i mentioned your comments in a follow-up post on controversial fashion editorials, here:


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