Marc Jacobs possibly doing "plus sizes"

So this morning I read* that Marc Jacobs could possibly be read on tags of clothes from a plus size collection. The possibility was tweeted by Robert Duffy, who also put some more words out there on how they consider such initiatives at Marc Jacobs.

The way I see it, in recent months there has been a pressure on important fashion houses. Consider it a Mexican wave if you want. The idea started from the consumer, in bigger, fuller shapes and sizes. Real girls and women who show their personal style on their blogs. An eye opener if you want. If you don't talk about it, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. These girls, content about the way they look, share their experience with the public. Soon after, magazine editors get the pitch and start these semi-promotional campaigns which feature spreads with plus size girls. A phrase which does sound silly, but it was the only way to differentiate what is generally admitted as normal size on catwalk from the normal size in real life.

backstage photos from, collage by me

For a while, things seemed to stay at this level. Publicizing the issue so that everyone can have an opinion about it, feel one way or the other, being for and against promoting curvier girls on the catwalk or in magazines. But this time around, powerful names in the fashion industry appear open to the idea of creating dedicated collections. Now you see the importance of the mention at the beginning of the post. If Marc Jacobs can do it (and hopefully they will), then other brands will follow suit. Maybe these plus size collections will be accepted as a normal extension to the already existing brand portfolio. They could be the new fashion 101**.

As new information starts crawling in it is safe to say that, in approximately a year, fashion for normal, curvy women will be a regular idea. Not something magazines have to brag about so that it gets attention. Not something that has to be underlined with common phrases like plus, heavy, curvy***. And not something unsual, just in true fashion-forward spirit.

*over at fashionistathe cut, fabsugar

** from @MarcJacobsInt:
"We are in talks now. For plus sizes. For all you who seem to know my co. Better than me. Hope it works out. Lighten up!"
"I do over share. Gotta stop. Get myself in trouble. But do like to clear up some things with all the experts out there."
"Marc and I are building a brand. That's what we do.We will Always have a collection line.But they rarely make much profit. As everyone knows"
"You have to support it with other things. Marc by Marc,children's mens, fragrances. Home furnishings. Etc.Every house does. It's fashion 101"

*** same source as above:
"I don't like the phrase Plus Sizes. Any suggestions?"


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