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This is the follow-up I have been promising, for last Friday’s post entitled “Do you moderate comments on your blog?”. You can (re-)read it here where you will also see this summary added at the end of the post.

The most important thing I have learned from this particular post is that comment moderation is a vast subject, and with our forces combined we haven’t even scratched the tip of the iceberg yet. But other Friday Bloggers posts will come and hopefully we will learn from each other along the way.


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Last week’s post in numbers:

Out of 52 comments…

… 3 bloggers moderate only posts “older than ... days”
… 20 bloggers don’t moderate at all
… 17 bloggers moderate/approve comments for their posts
… 3 bloggers use word verification, no approval
… 5 bloggers don't use/hate capchas


Blogger help:

1-> Moderation doesn't mean avoiding spam. Spam comments are still sent. The issue is whether you prefer to avoid them being seen on the site or not. In any case, you still have to manually delete them: it is only a matter of personal inbox versus the comments section.

2-> Top reasons for enabling moderation on blogs: spam, nasty comments, the desire to read each comment and enjoy it. While the first too are legitimate reasons, the last one has another solution: changing the Blogger settings (if you are on Blogger, of course) so you’ll always receive an email when you get a new comment. This way, the reader will be happy to not be greated by a comment moderation message. Your satisfaction? Getting notifications of each new comment. (Enter you email address here: Dashboard->Settings->Comments->Comment Notification Email)

3->For those who don't know how to check whether moderation is on or not: if on blogger, check (Dashboard->Settings->Comments->Comment moderation) and check which settings are on and which are not. You'll find a bunch of other useful options there, too!

4-> For those who answered that they moderate in order to know when they get a new comment: I would suggest trying the solution mentioned at number 2. You can still know which posts readers commented on even without moderation. Type your email in here: Dashboard->Settings->Comments->Comment Notification Email

5-> Any advice on not geeting excessive numbers of spam comments? Does anyone know the reasosn why some blogs are constantly being spamed with hundreds of spam messages?

6-> A sweet fellow blogger, Julie has taken the advices and opinions in the post a bit further. She changed some settings on her personal blog to more reader-friendly ones! Here is what she did: if you are a new reader, only your first comment will have to be aproved; after that, you are able to write to your heart’s content (sidenote: the Blogger platform doesn’t have a similar option, but I am sure this works on WordPress). Julie also installed some plugins on her WordPress blog to avoid getting spam comments. Thankfully, here Blogger and WP are on the same page since Blogger recently introduced its very own anti-spam feature.
Furthermore, Julie disabled the word verification (yay, yay, and another yay!). Many of us both blog owners and avid commenters hate capchas for their time waste and (bluntly put) annoyance. Even though I will admit capchas are quite useful for blocking spam messages in the case of blogs which receive hundreds of unique visits per day.

{7-> "Thank you for the comment" type of comment, posted on the newest article. Call me old fashioned, but I like it when a comment adds value to the article it is meant for. Or expresses an opinion about it. Or anything more or less on the topic. When I read a "Thank you for the comment" I feel there is no respect for the others which are posting there, like they are being left out of the conversation. However, this doesn't mean I don't appreciate the one who left the comment showing his thankfulness. I do! But I would prefer it in the form of two words on the subject on that particular post.}


I hope you find this sum-up useful and I'll see you in the comments section of the next Friday Bloggers post!

For any other questions, feel free to comment or email me directly.



  1. Thanks for the mention Daiane n_n.

    WordPress sends you an email whenever a new comment arrive, no matter what your moderation settings are so you can always read the comments in your email.

    I don't know why spam messages appear, I just know that in 3+years of using WordPress, I've only seen like 20 spam comments make it to my real comments. Also, there is a plugins that sets how many links are allowed in a comment in order to not be classified as spam. Spam comments are caught by anti-Spam systems, that's why I only see them when I delete the bulk of them.

  2. Great round up...I posted on the other thread...:)

  3. @Julie: My pleasure! & yeah, I see... those are just some of the reasons why I'd like to move to WP in some months, as I said...

    @Collette Osuna: Great, thank you sweetie, I appreciate i so much!

  4. I hope you keep doing these round ups of Friday Bloggers, it's great to read a resumed version of everyone's commments along with tips

  5. i have tried the comment notification by email but it doesn't always email me all my comments. so then i might miss some, especially if they are on older posts. so now i do approval. kind of a bummer, but i've been getting a ton of spam lately :/

  6. is there a sense of disappointment when readers are greeted with the "comment will be visible after owner approval"? I am not bothered by it at all!

    although your suggestion is wise, I usually get a TON of emails from different councils and meetings, i'd feel so annoyed at the "new comment!" just like facebook did until I de-activated that .

    haha, anyone with me? :p


  7. i have tried the comment notification by email but it doesn't always email me all my comments. so then i might miss some, especially if they are on older posts. so now i do approval. kind of a bummer, but i've been getting a ton of spam lately :/


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