Inspiration Monday!

Since we are at the start of a new week, I thought I would share some of my current favorites from long time main inspiration source, tumblr. Long story short, I signed up for an account a little while ago and I am enjoying every second of it ever since.

If you can imagine, I used to have tumblr accounts queued up in my rss reader... yeah, I know. So having my own tumblr was long time overdue. If you also have an account and would like me to follow you and vice-versa, we can exchange links!

You can find me here:

That's about it, enjoy these visuals! Clicking on the photo will redirect you to the source; also make sure you check the photos inserted right after the jump, too. I had to insert the break so the main page will load easily. ♥



  1. I do have about 30 tumblr blogs on bloglovin' so don't throw rocks at me:))

  2. loving all these photos !x thanx for the comment on my blog i am now a follwer of yours could u do the same? such nice style! :)
    love always
    bek from

  3. Thatt top picture is to die for and why haven't I got that pair of studded wedges. :( Non.
    Great visuals babe!

  4. Lovely pics! love the one before the last(:
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mmine:

  5. i love the picture of the brogues and mary kate's outfit!

  6. very inspiring!!!
    what mary-kate has on is lovely and that bedroom picture is very inspiring aswell!

  7. Tumblr is really addicting. I love the pictures and I want those shoes!

  8. Great pictures I wish that was my shoe and bag collection xoxo

  9. these are really beautiful - i want that blazer!

  10. hello! thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)

    i love the shoe & purse collection picture!! chanel is soooo in my wishlist.

    pls feel free to stop by again sometimes! would love to have new readers!

    take care,

  11. oh wowwy liking this collection of images together ;-)


  12. Ohh these are gorgeous, thanks for sharing :)

  13. i am drooling over those middle two photos! love the patent shoes and that room is AMAZING.


  14. Beautiful inspiration! Aren't the Olsens great?!

  15. I love those SHoes... thanks for the monday inspiration. We all need it on mondays.


  16. OMG.. so inspirational indeed! :D

  17. *** Thank you all for your comments & love! I'm returning the favor on each of your blogs & following too! xx

    @nookie: haha, i won't! so... will you give in and make a tumblr account too? it's so much fun!

    @All my thoughts & my heart talks: hi dear, you are so sweet! of course i'm following back!

    @MADMSL: i know, the first pic is my favorite too! & don't even get me started on the wedges, they are so perfect!

    @Effi: i am following you! the pic you liked the most is named "the princess and the pea", after that children's story. i used to love that so much! & i still do!

    @Briana: it must be something in the air with the dusted pinks for both the brogues and MK's outfit! xx

    @Violetta E.: glad you like'em! cool blog you have! <3

    @ABIGAIL NY: tell me about it, i wished that bedroom was mine! uh-oh ^_^

    @Sarah: i know, too addictive, haha!

    @Style of a Fashionista: yes! the girl who owns them is one lucky lady! oxx

    @Diana: me too actually! that blazer is so perfect it's every girl's dream...

    @cindy: hi dear! thanks for taking the time to comment! i will definitely come to visit your blog too! kisses!

    @Fashionable and me♥: yes, Monday mornings beg for inspiration posts! =D

    @jack bespoke: i tried to mix&match, so to say! xx

    @Jaymie: sure! thank you for stopping by & taking the time to comment! oxx

    @nyc lu: both photos are so dreamy! x

    @Peta: the olsens are the best! especially MK... i'm thinking about doing a special post dedicated to them actually...

    @Missy: with all my love! thank you for stopping by! kisses!

    @ching: i'm glad they are right up your alley too! oxxx

  18. I've skimmed the text, but the post is about the pictures really.
    So here' a rough boy's take on them:

    Yum, yes, approved: stockings, faded green nail colour, shiny white shoes, cold creepy-ish bedroom

    No way on Earth: the entire 4th picture is wrong. Tell me that the girl doesn't look sad and silly. If you don't think that she does, I'll elaborate.

  19. All photos are great. and there is my lovely Mary-Kate. i love her.

  20. Such amazing pictures! Really love the first 3.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. the nailpolish I was wearing was Pulsating by Rimmel.:)SarahD

  21. Precious!!!
    I love it!!



  22. @Zotikos: haha, cool! so we agree on the approved items, yay! but Mary Kate Olsen has an amazing style... I am thinking about doing a future post on her and her sister. We'll see then! ;;)

    @Maia: yes, MK is very inspirational, lover her too!

    @My Republic of Fashion: I replied on your blog back too! thank you for mentioning it here, sweetie! oxx

    @Malva: visited your blog too! xx

  23. Love these pics!! Thanks for sharing :) x

  24. Such amazing pictures! Really love the first 3.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. the nailpolish I was wearing was Pulsating by Rimmel.:)SarahD

  25. i love the picture of the brogues and mary kate's outfit!


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