Do you moderate comments on your blog?

One of the things I love to do is browse and discover new blogs. While the blogosphere is going strong and new blogs are getting more and more creative by the day, I am still very intrigued by one thing...


Most of the blogs (both new and old) have enabled comment moderation. It happens very often that, after I post my comment, I am greeted by a message saying the comment I just entered with so much love and enthusiasm is awaiting moderation. Why does this happen? Don't bloggers trust their readers anymore? Or is it the fear of getting comment spam?

On the other hand, I find it quite useful to enable word verification (even I didn't enable it myself here) just to make sure those nasty spam messages are avoided.

So I wanted to know your opinion:

Do you moderate comments on your blog?
Why? Why not?



  1. i do, but only for posts older than 2 weeks. I understand the need to control the commenting "atmosphere", even if this becomes necessary only when the blog is popular enough or the topic of a particular topic is too hot to handle in a peaceful way :D but for my blog i preach freedom of speech, at least for now.

  2. I don't moderate comments, but I got my share of nasty comments so maybe that's way some people moderate them:-??
    blogger has a spam control thingy now, no more spam!!yeey!

  3. I don't moderate comments. I like to see what everyone has to say!:) PS Following you now, you have a great blog.:)SarahD

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  6. I moderate a) to avoid spam b) avoid nasty people (and yes I've had a few uncalled for hate filled comments and while I'm ok with constructive critics, I do draw the line at certain just plain nasty comments criticizing the blog or some of the posts). Also if the comments land on my email I'll certainly be aware of them instantly and they'll probably resonate more than just getting a longer list of comments whenever I get the chance to log into the blog (although I've always had comment verification I'm not even sure how it all works without it, do you get an email saying you got a comment?)!

    also, thanks for the follow :)

  7. I prefer to use word verification. I've had spam issues in the past, and found this pretty good to use to counter it.

  8. i moderate my comments because i want to read each and every single comment and that makes me smile.
    it's not that i don't trust my readers or that i'm scared of spamming, it's the joy of reading back something from someone. :)

  9. I don't moderate my comments. I think everybody is free to say what they want to say as long and I really like getting tips or suggestions on my blog. It's a way I can improve it :)

    And thanks for your comment, you're so sweet as well hihi :) Your blog name suits you very well :)

  10. I moderate comments for blogs that are older than 3 days, only because I don't usually check the older posts to see if they've receieved any comments, and that way I get notified so that I can follow the commenter and comment back on their blog :)

    I don't think the issue is preventing spam or anything, I think it's just that it's easier for some people to get notified whenever they get a comment? Maybe. Maybe not.

    Mustart x

  11. I don't, I trust people to send just only comments but still their own opinion!

  12. I don't moderate comments. I haven't received any spams, and if I someday do, I just delete those comments. Most of the comments always are positive anyway.

    @Nedda Ebo: You can change the blogger settings so they'll always send you an email when you receive a new comment. That's how I get notifications of new comments on my blog too :) x

  13. Good idea to exchange follows! I'mfollowing you from now on. I don't moderate my comments.

  14. Thank you all for the useful advice and for saying what you think! It matters SO MUCH! Kisses!

    @carola: I like that approach, it is very wise! Not many people read posts older than two weeks. Freedom of speech is best, yes!

    @nookie: Yeah, I thought the google anti-spam filter will work, but just look at the "Documentary" comments below yours, haha! Letting them there for a little bit more, i think it is so fun& ironic at the same time!

    @My Republic of Fashion: Yay for not moderating comments! You can always delete them if it is obviously spam! Also, following you too!

    @Documentary (x2): Thank you for the input! Also, your second comment is clearly spam, but it will remain there just for a little bit more time... I find it so ironic you decided to put it specifically on this post!

    @Wicked Halo: Those two are indeed the main reasons bloggers choose to moderate comments. My philosophy is that i can always delete the spam/nasty ones even if they are posted... They will appear on the site for a very short time.

    My comments also land in the email, I just don't have to approve them first. You will get an email with the comments irrespective of which type of comment moderation you choose. Also, the word verification is designed to avoid automatic spammers (you know, "prove you're human", haha) but i somehow don't really like word verification either, I perceive it as a loss of time for me as a commenter.

    @Sherin: Then I guess I should consider myself kind of lucky, I get spam comments so rarely!

    @Ching: I like your point of view, it is a really friendly approach, to make sure you are reading all the comments... very nice! I am only wondering why do you moderate since you can choose to receive comments in your inbox even if you don't have comment moderation enabled?

    @The Fashion Moodboard: Then we are on the same page. I love reading what people and fellow bloggers have to say too! & thank you so much! You are so sweet too!

    @Nedda Ebo: It is an efficient strategy to moderate comments only for older posts. I would though make it a 7 days span instead of a 3 days one. And Jonna's advice is perfect (look for comment below yours)! That's how I do it too: just change the blogger settings (Settings->Comments->Comment Notification Email) and you'll also see comments landing in your inbox! ;)

    @Maddalena: Yes! I think we are more here with that approach too! I love reading all sorts of opinions!

    @Jonna: We sure are two lucky girls to not receive spam messages all that often. Yeah, I just delete them too, just like you said. Thank you for the reply for Nedda Ebo, I hope she reads it!

    @Theonlyfashionprincess: Following you too!

  15. i do like to see my comments before they go live. so that's why i have my comment moderation on. cause i used to get hate comments from an old friend :(

    but i HATE the capchas. i did a whole blog post on it!

    i hope you have an excellent weekend!

  16. Hey lovely! thanks for your comment!!! and thanks for following...yes I switched the comment out on that post (don't know why) so that's why it was impossible to comment.
    I do moderate my posts since I've got lots of spam lately...


  17. txs for stopping by. I don't moderate my comments because I am lucky enough to have any
    :(. I have noticed that many bloggers do moderate there comments, but i trully don't mine. It's whatever works for everyone i guess. ok (im about to ckick on post comment) hope u don't moderate me lol

  18. I do, I didn't before but I once got a very, very, very nasty comment (it went along the lines on how I should kill myself) and I decided to moderate all comments.

    It's excellent to avoid ugly comments popping in your posts and since I'm almost always online, I do approve them super quickly.

    Maybe I'll go back to approving the first comment and then letting that reader post comments again without approving... I haven't had negative comments in a while so it might be good to loosen up a bit.

  19. i don't moderate either. the only thing i do is spam all those a-holes who litter my blog with porn ads. i have gotten a couple of negative comments before, but well, i guess that comes with having a blog in public!

  20. I must say I have no idea if my blog moderates or not cause I dont know how to check hahah!xx

  21. I am seriously considering a follow-up post to this one since there are so many issues you guys raised here! Or maybe I should add all your ideas & suggestions to this existing post so it will help others, too! oxox

    @Paislea Elyse: Oh! I am so GLAD I am not the only one hating capcha! Please, no more capcha, I say too! Thank you for that link, everybody should check it out:
    Sorry about the friend with the hate comments, but at least you have a good reason for turning moderation on!

    @ViCreative: Oh ok, I see! Well, I commented on your latest post! Thank you for your comment... moderation is the best solution if you say you got lots of spam :(

    @MissZuri: Well, I enjoy your blog! And I agree everyone has to have the opportunity to express themselves... if you ever get spam comments you can just press delete & forget all about them. Haha, of course I don't moderate you! ;)

    @Julie: That sounds like a very unpleasant experience. Also, I really love that idea of approving the first comment of the reader and them letting him/her post comments without approving. But then again, I suppose that works for wordpress, not with blogger? I am really tempted to switch platforms, but I am not sure yet... that time will come too, I suppose.

    @queengilda: Gosh, your blog is one of my favorites! I suspect the layout & colors & everything else have a lot to do with it, but I LOVE how you can tell a story!

    Also, nasty spammers are much worse than people with negative comments... yeah, we should punish spammers from time to time, just so they know how it feels too, haha! On the other hand, if they are not nasty, negative comments do represent freedom of speech... rather than spam robots auto-posting their own ads on your super-lovable blog!

    @ARA: Then you should go here (Settings->Comments->Comment moderation) and check which settings are on and which are not. You'll find a bunch of other useful options there, too! Hope this helped!

  22. Good question! I only moderate comments that are a few days old, incase people comment on older posts and I dont notice cause I dont get the pop up. But it would be alot easier if they appears straight away but you still got told about it xx

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. great post! haha i don't moderate mine, i trust my people, i can delete the comments in don't want anyway :D

  25. Hi!
    Great blog, I really enjoyed.

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  26. I do moderate comments to know which post the readers commented on. :)

  27. That's a good point! Personally I don't moderate comments and I have word verification turned off. My blog is still quite small with around 200 followers so I don't get spam, so no need to moderate!
    I've read posts from bloggers with 1000+ followers and for them it's different, they do get bombarded with spam and hate comments. One really lovely blogger told me she got around 4 hate comments a day, and some were even making horrible remarks to other commenters. She enabled moderation because it was necessary.
    I totally know what you mean about writing a big comment then finding oh its being moderated is a bit of a blow but some bloggers need to do it, others maybe just prefer to do it that way because it means they can get rid of the word verification, making it easier for their readers to comment, while still making sure there's no spam.
    I think there should be a disallow anonymous comments option, then maybe the hate comments would stop. x

  28. Hi doll...thanks for stopping by my blog...Im not following you on Google Friend:)
    I dont moderate comments, but I have the word verification...which I find annoying I may be changing that one day soon...I get emails when I have a new comment right to my phone:)

  29. I don't have comment moderation and I don't like word verification either. I'm too lazy! :D

  30. Thanks for the comments :)
    I moderate mine for no particular reason. It was automatically done like that and I've been too lazy to change it!

  31. Hi darling,
    I do moderate comments on my blog, just to avoid spam...


  32. I never use any word verification, because I don't like if there's a blog that use word verification, hehe

  33. I don't moderate comments either but maybe that's because I'm a no body compared to the rock star blogs like yours :)
    When I do, one day, get enough followers I probably wouldn't moderate them because I like reading the BS sometimes

  34. If you ever want to make the change, I can help you build a custom template/theme :D

  35. whoa thats a cool picture!

    i used to have word verification, but as i havent had any annyoing spams and my blog is SUPER popular, i dont think i really need to. although, i may enable it later if i have more people commenting on my blog.
    And i might moderate comments just so i am sure i dont miss any comments on older posts. i dont right now though.

  36. I've noticed this also. I don't moderate my comments. I have gotten nothing but good feedback for my blog however if I was to get negative commentary I wouldn't delete it. It's apart of life to have to see two sides of things. What I do is positive and I get positive things back! Great post.

  37. i do so i can read them and i know when i get comments!

  38. I do but I don't have the word verification. I like to get each one, so I can actually just get it in my inbox and read them, instead of constantly having to check back to see if someone commented on it. And to get to know who's commenting.

    <3 Kelly

  39. i think it might be because it's a default setting! (:


    come by sometime? loving your blog.

  40. hm... i haven't had a scenario to make me have to "moderate" my comments, but maybe in the future? thanks for posing this questions, i love reading all the bloggers' comments and advice!

    don't forget to come participate in my GIVEAWAY!!

  41. i don't moderate my comments. i used to enable word verification but as of a few months ago i disabled it. the reason is simple, I've been blogwalking, I could visit a hundred blogs in a day and drop comments on each of those blogs, and having to type word verification again and again is kind of tiring. On the other hand, I like seeing what I have written appears immediately in the comment list, not in the waiting (moderation list), so i'd like to keep things simple so that my readers can easily say something directly to me. :)

  42. I'm glad I chose to moderate because I get so many spam comments. Over 1,000 now. I need to find a solution if anyone has advice, by the way...


  43. hi! thanks for stopping by again. :) hehe i'm definitely going to follow your blog, hope you'll do the same.

    congrats on your interview btw!

    & i like to enable the word verification to avoid spam. ;]

    <3 cins

    Please contribute if you have an advice or another opinion, this is very useful for all of us! KISSES!

    @Thrive on Novelty: That sure is interesting... I do get email notifications even for older posts, so I know when something new is posted. & I don't moderate comments at all. I think it has to do with the settings you enabled for comments.

    @{ I V Y }: Great to hear that! I have the same opinion!

    @Eri: Will definitely check it out!

    @AlvianaKalin: You can still know which posts readers commented on even without moderation. You just enter your email in here: Dashboard->Settings->Comments->Comment Notification Email

    @QuiteQuaint: You are right! I agree that moderation is useful for the big blogs out there but I can't explain why it is turned on for small blogs too. & word verification too, for that matter. I am totally with you when you say you don't moderate comments. Also, there actually is an option which requires the reader to be some sort of registered when he wants to comment: you CAN disable comments for anonymous users here: Dashboard->Settings->Comments->Who Can Comment?

    @Collette Osuna: Ah that word verification is something I don't enjoy to be honest. & I would encourage you to disable it too, readers will appreciate it for sure!

    @Oana Roxana: Haha, how cool, I have the exact same feelings!

    @Maya: Well, maybe you would like to consider the other options available (moderation comments only for older posts etc). There are quite some changes (for the better) you can do.

    @Couture Carrie: Yes, that sounds totally reasonable, thank you for responding, sweetie!

    @inge luciana: I don't like word verification either, & I know quite a bunch of fellow bloggers who also hate it, haha!

    @C.W.: Oh, sweetie, thank you but I am far from having a rock-star blog like you said! Your blog will also grow bigger by the day if you love it and take good care of it, I promise! & when it will, don't moderate comments, wink!

    @Julie: Oh, I would love that, thank you so much! I plan moving in a few months on WP, I am reading quite some stuff about it which I would like to have/use. So I would totally appreciate your help!

    @Reina: Hey, I love your blog, very inspiring! Moderating comments only for older posts is also a strategy, a lot of A-list bloggers do it!

    @Violetta E.: Thought you might like it!

    @Ayanna Michelle: I LOVE your attitude! As long as the commenters don't get nasty without reason or write messages of pure hate, it is great to hear disapproving or just different opinions too.

    @julianne.: Why don't you just enable the "Comment Notification Email" option and disable moderation? Emails will still land in your inbox when you get a new comment. You can do it here: Dashboard->Settings->Comments->Comment Notification Email

    @Phuong: Thank you, yours is cool too!

    @the moonchild: Haha, I loved your honest answer! I am so visiting your blog too, thank you for stopping by!

    @Beverley: Glad to be of help, hope what you read here will be useful in the near future!

    @Wynne Prasetyo: Your comment right there summed up everything I am thinking! Simple is better indeed.

    @Jerri - Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! I wonder why... 1000 is a huge number :( I don't have a solution so I am asking:

    Does anyone of you out there have an advice on how to stop excessive spam comments?

    Also, I will include your question in the follow-up/update to this post.

    @CINDY:Yes, I will sweetie! Thank you, I am glad to enjoyed reading it!

  45. I moderate the comments on my blog because I don't wanna have unpleasent surprises!

  46. Nice one! I do moderate comments, to avoid spam, but once I had to moderate a comment which wasn't saying nice things.

    See you soon.

  47. thank you<3
    I don't moederate my comments but I think it's very useful because of the hater comments you'll get when you're a blogger.


  48. Heh that's so weird, when I first commented on this post, I had never got any spam but guess what was just posted on one of my old posts ... A spam comment! I just deleted it. x

  49. My blog, at the moment is small in numbers. I do get comments from many that are not followers. It has never crossed my mine to monitor comments! I love hearing from everyone and anyone. I know that spam is a risk you take by this. But that is what blogging is about.

  50. I moderate comments because I can go through phases when I am not checking my blog and comment moderation kind of makes me pay attention to what is going on my blog and other peoples blogs.

  51. @La petite Lou'lou: That's a good reason! I've chosen not to moderate them because I rely on removing them forever if they are clearly spam.

    @Eri: Oh, nasty comments are even worse than spam messages...

    @Kim Barbie: That's right!

    @Jonna: Oh, really? Weird indeed! Who would have thought? Much love for the delete button in this case ;)

    @Moi.: I'm thinking the exact same thing! And about the spam comments, you just delete them, no fuss about those.

    @Googlover/keishua: What an interesting perspective! I would have never thought about this... Thank you for mentioning it!


  52. this is really interesting ^^
    Well I have the moderation on my blog, because I sometimes recive comment that are not reffered to my blog. comment such as "thank you for the comment". I appreciate these comment, but are for me, are not to be shown on my post. That's my reason. Now I go to have a look of what other people here say. I m curious!

    take care

  53. I moderate mine because that I find that when I didn't do it, I never knew if someone posted a comment on a post a bajillion years ago and I usually never saw it. I just like being able to read them all and the "348345 comments" link makes me really thrilled! :)

    xxo. f ashioncont a gious

  54. I don't moderate mine, but I do use word verification - I can't actually turn that feature off on my website! I do like the idea of it, though, even though it does nothing to protect Frock & Roll from spam - I still get AT LEAST 3 spammy comments on my older posts a day which I have to delete!

  55. dont moderate, but i understand why some people do! if i would moderate it would be to be sure that i get to read each and every comment entered on my blog! but i fwd all comments to my entourage anyway, so its around 100 a day and i read each and every one of them anyway :)

  56. I do moderate comments to know which post the readers commented on. :)

  57. Good question! I only moderate comments that are a few days old, incase people comment on older posts and I dont notice cause I dont get the pop up. But it would be alot easier if they appears straight away but you still got told about it xx

  58. I don't, I trust people to send just only comments but still their own opinion!


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