Bear Cat

So I ran into this specific blog with beautiful photos which immediately caught my attention. A kind of imagery which is perfect now, in summertime, when all you ever want is lounge around in as little clothing as possible and do nothing for the entire day. But besides that, the dreamy atmosphere in the images is sure to win your heart. Best part? That the blog is just an extension to an entire shop entitled, Bear Cat L.A. To my disappointment, as I am typing this, the store is under maintenance. I would have liked to see the selection of clothes, as they should range from indie, designer to vintage. But yes, all in all, super-cool branding, guys!

What does bear cat stand for after all? Well, the about page reads this:
Bear cat (bear-cat)- a 1920's slang word for a hot-blooded or fiery girl!

all photos from the Bear Cat L.A. blog (by ///OLF)


  1. uuu lot of shoes there!
    love the pics, I'm gonna check it out maybe the store will be up again:)

  2. yes, shoes, my soft spot! :D

    i hope that store goes live again soon, i am sooo curious to see what's in it!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment! YOur blog is right up my street as well!
    I love this post, thanks for the heads up, I'm heading straight over to their blog and I have just saved all these to my inspiration folder! xx

  4. hey ! well, coming from you, these words sound like a compliment. i am very glad you like them.

    how nice to hear, people in love with fashion photography always have an inspiration folder. yay to that! xx

  5. You're right! These pics are gorgeous! The girl with blonde hair is amazing!

    How long is your hair? I'd love to be able to pull off Abbey's hair cut too - but I don't think it's my thing :(

    thanks for your lovely comment! x

  6. yes, the blonde girl is the most photogenic! she slightly reminds me of someone, but i can't exactly put my finger on it...

    my hair is quite long actually, longer than you can see here (it was quite a while ago):

    i will try to make some more personal posts these days, because during the school year i hardly find the time :D

    thank you for stopping by too! i am following your blog, it is such a great find! xx

  7. magical magical pics:)
    Love them so much, I'm gonna check it out, thanks for sharing:)


  8. @Ana: Yay, cool! We both like magical pics :D


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