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the polyvore comeback
August DustFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

August Dust by daiane featuring Miu Miu

Here's a small weekend treat. Oh my, haven't used Polyvore in (literally) years! I enjoyed putting this together since lately I like pretending that fall is already here instead of being stuck in unbearable heat.
You can begin to brainstorm items that can help you make the transition from summer to fall. I have a few in mind already... and of course, I will be sharing the ideas and lists (bullet points et all) next week.



  1. I saw the new look earlier today and love it, it's so clean and neat;;)
    awww, 2 year polyvore free,damn!!
    it's awesome, keep them coming dear!

  2. Ooh, I like the polyvore and will have to add you. It's dangerously addicting. Great blog and the images you find and I'll add you on bloglovin, too. Jerri

  3. that skirt is so pretty! x

  4. @nookie: that was so sweet of you, glad you like it! 2 years without polyvore... I KNOW! =D i definitely feel more creative now. it's good to be back at it! xx

    @Jerri: polyvore is addictive, can't deny that, but it is also so much fuuun!
    i've also added your blog on my bloglovin!

    @jamie-lee: i'm in love with it too! i also remember seeing a photo of anna dello russo wearing a similar skirt some time ago..

  5. hahaha I wonder what's happened to my Polyvore account, last time I opened it was ages ago. i love your mix and match! totally dig the boots!

  6. never heard of Polyvore before :)
    followed your blog via Google.

  7. @Wynne Prasetyo: haha, i know the feeling! but a comeback surely does feel good! the boots are killers, glad you like them! i have something similar to wear (only in black) in real life; perfect for winter ;)

    @ching: well, i say you should definitely give it a try! it is so much fun! also, following you too via google.


  8. What a lovely outfit combination! I LOVE the unusual skirt.

  9. I love the fringe skirt and the fact that somebody else beside me is also complaining about fall not coming soon enough! Great post

  10. i love your blog. following you now...:)


  11. gosh i have to go figure out what my polyvore password is hahah youve inspired me!! love your blogg

  12. Thanks for leaving a comment
    on my blog, it's much
    appreciated. Love this set
    especially that skirt.
    I'd love you to follow back.

  13. hey... thanks back for your comment.I'll be starting to study architecture in October. can't wait.I'm so you study or have you already finished?
    so glad I found a blogger who is also totally into architecture.


  14. i love all the pieces you used in this ! they look great together. thanks for sharing!

  15. thank you so much for your sweet comment :) i'm so happy you like what i have! you have a great blog - i really liked your post about the controversial photo spreads. although they are kind of disturbing, i think they are gorgeous and fun to look at :)

    i'm following you - visit me again soon please!!


  16. @Corrine/Frock And Roll: the skirt is too cool to be true ;;) also, checked out your blog too, i loved it, it is full of great advice! i'll be following! oxx

    @Eszter: yeah, can't wait for the fall to be here already! & the skirt seems to be everyone's favorite =D kisses!

    @silviasiantar: following you back! i loved your last post! xx

    @melinda: i love your blog too! haha, polyvore is fun, but be careful not spending too much time making sets, it is wildly addictive! ;)))

    @MADMSL: i'm following you too now! your blog is a very pleasant read, i'll keep checking back!

    @ViCreative: oh my, that's such great news! well, i have already finished my fourth year of studies and i still have two more left. it's quite a ride, but you'll love it! i'm following your blog! keep in touch xx

    @Marissa: hey hon! glad you enjoyed the post! i'm checking out your blog right now! see you there (& hopefully also here)! kisses!

    @Diana: i enjoyed your blog from the first post i saw =D so good to receive feedback on the controversial photo spreads, it is very interesting to see what people think! i'm following you now! ;)
    hope i'll see you here again soon! oxx

  17. I've thought about trying polyvore but never get myself to do it, always too busy here! heh, maybe someday. I saved this to my bookmarks so I have a reminder :'D


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