Ageless style?

One of these days I got an email from one of the sweetest readers of this blog, Joann. She replied to this post which featured a picture of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Here is what she said:

"Wow I like this. The Olsen twins seem to never age. It's almost like they are vampires. Their style is ageless too. Beautiful. "

Isn't she right? I absolutely LOVE how she worded this issue!

Actually, she wasn't the only one to appreciate that photo of Mary Kate and Ashley. Many of you who commented on that post also loved it. And most of you also could tell the first Olsen was MK at a glance: I find it quite hard to differentiate the two... even after all these years they've been in the spotlight. Especially when they are all bundled up in fashionable wraps. Or when they wear sunglasses.

(click for wallpaper size)

(collage by me, with photos from olsensanonymous, my favorite resource)


But know what? At the same time I was also intrigued by Joann's words. Hmmm... 

What makes a style ageless?

So I started a list:

+ casual basics;
+ lots of jewelry;
+ high street mixed with vintage;
+ amazing heels;
+ flats;
+ looking messy & polished at the same time;
+ wicked layering;
+ red lips;
+ sunglasses;
+ jeans;
+ lace & velvet; 
+ any other ideas?

(from the comments)

+ eyeliner (added by btd.)
+ own style (added by MALVA, LA MODE EN MAUVE)
+ charisma (added by Valentine)
+ little black dresses and white shirts (added by Fashion Cappuccino)
+ a good watch, especially in gold (added by Beverley)

And  there's more!
Other agless style nominations:
+ Rachel Bilson (suggested by Ashley)
+ Nicole Kidman (suggested by Eszter)
+ Kate Moss (suggested by Ryan)



  1. They're 24 years old. How aged do you expect them to be?

  2. Well, if you look at photos of them from when they were younger (not that now they are old by any means) their style seems so now, and even fashion-forward. This doesn't happen with many other fashion icons or stars, not to mention singers. The Olsens just have their way of dressing irrespective of trends; I guess this is what makes their style unique&timeless.

  3. The Olsentwins are so stylish and inspirational!

  4. i love these ladies!! they both have such amazing styles!! great post <3

  5. my favorite style is bobo chic so i love the list

  6. I actually kind of disagree. I think they, Mary-Kate especially, have a habit of dressing too old for their age. The oversized granny sweaters, baggy skirts, and raggedy knits age them. In my opinion, someone like Rachel Bilson exemplifies ageless style. Blazers, scarves, and structured pieces tend to be her wardrobe staples, but she also changes it up with of-the-moment pieces--also key for looking modern yet classic.

    At any rate, I would agree with most of your pieces on the ageless style list! Both heels and flats are key, and of course sunglasses, jeans, red lips are all timeless. But I think too much layering and too much jewelry can look frumpy if one is not careful!

  7. love them!!! they're gorgeous... so funny pictures!>

    (new post: Missoni inspired top & follow me)

  8. I agree they are ageless beautiful woman! Love the MK! Hmm, I'd also say what makes a style ageless is eyeliner!

  9. I can't tell them apart either.

    Basic + jewelry = timeless wardrobe! you can always spice up basic with amazing accesories and that way you don't have to commit to fashion trends in order to be "now".

  10. i love olsen twins.. they are so stylish and hard worker!

  11. Loove the olsen twins! I think your list pretty much somes it up :) xx

  12. Thank you for your comment.
    You said: "it is really another form of art", I agree with you.

    I would add to the list " Own Style".



  13. I totally agree with Julie-- basics and accessories are always timeless. You can always add to it or remove it to have a zillion options

  14. i can't even handle how stylish and awesome these girls are - i always love what they're wearing even if its completely ridiculous. plus i bet they will still be style mavens in their old age! great post and so inspiring :)

  15. I agree with your list, especially classic basics.

  16. Thank you ladies! Kisses!

    @Amanda: I think so too!

    @augustalolita: Glad you liked the post about them!

    @INTRO TO MY LIFE: Ah, cool! Then it does sound perfect for you!

    @Ashley: It's perfect if you disagree. The title of the post itself is a question... because I wanted to hear all sorts of opinions. You are right, Mary Kate is the one with a more peculiar way of dressing. However, I personally can't help but like anything that she is wearing... I guess I see her age as somesort of balance that makes her not actually look like an old/bag lady.

    Anyway, I agree layering is often tricky to do so it doesn't look too dated.

    @ViCreative: They are gorgeous!

    @btd.: Oh, eyeliner, that's a good one! I agree.

    @Julie: Haha, glad I'm not the only one who can't tell them apart! Jewelry is one of the easiest way to add atitude to the entire outfit & make it look timeless, like you said.

    @Turquoise and Lily: Happy you mentioned hard working. I think not so many of us realise how much these girls work. Their lives are not only sunshine & butterflies, not the mention living in the limelight all the time.. these things can be pretty exhausting.

    @Thrive on Novelty: Yay, awesome to hear that!

    @MALVA, LA MODE EN MAUVE: It is another form of art, yes!

    "Own style" is added to the list then, thank you!

    @C.W.: Too true! I'm with you on the jewerly issue then! Winks!

    @Diana: I KNOW! So good to read what you wrote... sometimes I almost feel embarrased for liking what they wear even though some call them "bag ladies" or I don't know what other silly words...
    I can't wait to see how their style will evolve in time!

    @Glenda C: Me too! (More than Ashley, shhh!)

    @Dina's Days: Classics are the best, you can always rely on them for looking impeccable.

  17. Absolutely agree with the Rachel Bilson nomination - she's practically the third Olsen, she's so tiny & gorgeous & her style is absolutely amazing :) Love your blog! x

  18. I love the twins although I have to agree they tend to sport the bag lady look a bit to much for my taste. Ashley has a more polished look though, so I tend to like what she wears more.
    As to what makes style ageless I think clear, superbly tailored lines, clean, polished looks and especially gracefulness in wearing the clothes. I love Nicole Kidman for example, she is just so ethereal... now there is ageless beauty if I've ever seen it, a perfectly tailored little black dress on Nicole Kidman is a look for eternity (just think of Audrey Hepburn)

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  20. I usually love their look and fashion sense. Their style is so unique, but occasionally as Eszter said they do have the 'bag lady' look hehe.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and entering my giveaway, goodluck! :)


  21. Love that opener photo, but I feel the olsen twins still have to "work" a bit more to achieve that ageless style tag. Also there's something innate about managing to look ageless in something, because sometimes you can see the same piece in different people and some carry it so much better than others

  22. Nice post...!
    I think what makes a style ageless is just the person who wears it...
    It's all about charisma...
    -diary of a fashion stylist-

  23. the Olsens' Bohemian chic style is what inspired me to go Boho at time.. and i'm loving it.

  24. Omg, it's true though: they don't seem to age. They're forever beautiful.

    Your list is definitely a good one. A good pair of heels is definitely a must have.

  25. i love them too♥ hoooo hummm. i geuss if i made that much money i would be timelessly elegant aswell. then again i suppose its just them. I know i oculdn't rock those eyebrows. hehe. great blog♥ im a new private follower


  26. I love their fashion sense!!!!

  27. I love the Olsen twins style a lot. I think someone who hasn't aged would be Kate Moss, I think the Olsen twins have another 15 years to go before that comment will have an impact. I do think they are established icons at 24 though : )

  28. I can never tell them apart!! I love their style so much and I would add little black dresses and white shirts to your list :-) xoxoxoxoxoxo

  29. Awesome photos!! <3

  30. i'm embarrassed to say that i can tell them apart, only because i was obsessed with It Takes Two as a kid! love this post, so fun! and for me, a good watch is always timeless in my book (especially in gold)

    don't forget to check out my giveaway!

  31. @augustlovers: Yes, I agree with Rachel Bilson being nominated too, her style is timeless. Thank you sweetie!

    @Eszter: Ashley has a more polished look, indeed. I'm adding your suggestions to the lists. How come Nicole Kidman didn't come to mind earlier? Hm, hm... thank you!

    @Rose: In that case, I suppose you should like Ashley's style more, she sports the "bag lady" look only once in a while, hehe.

    My pleasure, thanks for stopping by too!

    @Wicked Halo: I agree they still have work to do and prove themselves; thye are young now, we'll see how their style will evolve.
    About the same piece looking different on different persons, I think it has to do with the "chemistry" they have with that piece, whether they feel great in it, if it's their style or not... I'm not sure the same garment can look equally good on two persons.

    @Valentine: Charisma! We'll add that, very well said! Thank you for coming by!

    @ching: They inspire me with their boho style quite often too, I must admit..

    @Sherin: Heels, oh, those are forever! Happy you agree!

    @Anya: Funny you say this, I used to think like that as well. Then I realised it might be more about how they mix pieces & how they ultimately wear them. Their style is so easy to recreate with reasonably priced items... so now I am convinced it is all about attitude. Thank you for liking the blog, come visit whenever you like. Kisses!

    @Coily Mystic: Us too, hehe!

    @ryan: I must add Kate to the list! She is such an icon. The Olsens still have a loooot of work to do if we compare them to Kate. Hope they will look even better than her in 15 years ;)

    @Fashion Cappuccino: Me neither, but since I've been looking at countless photos with them just for this post, I think I might be able to tell whihc is which, haha! Perfect! Adding little black dresses and white shirts! Lots of kisses!

    @chaoskontrolowany: The Olsens are cool, glad you liked the pics!

    @Beverley:That is so awesome, I almost envy you for that "power", haha! A good watch is added to the list! That is indeed one timeless item.


  32. SO not their biggest fan before but they've grown on me. Mainly because of their style. For me "ageless" means doing your own thing, taking what works for you from all these so-called-trends that surround us and that change with light speed and not taking fashion rules too seriously and this is what these girls are doing.

    Also, for a not so big fan, I can still always figure out which one is which :)

  33. Nice post...!
    I think what makes a style ageless is just the person who wears it...
    It's all about charisma...
    -diary of a fashion stylist-

  34. I usually love their look and fashion sense. Their style is so unique, but occasionally as Eszter said they do have the 'bag lady' look hehe.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and entering my giveaway, goodluck! :)


  35. I agree with your list, especially classic basics.

  36. Loove the olsen twins! I think your list pretty much somes it up :) xx


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