Today's fashion news: Florence + The Machine. Yes, again!

Hello darlings! Remember the Stylin' Girl: Florence Welch post from last week (which also got featured in this week's Links à la mode)? Here is some more news about her:

Florence Welch, lead singer of Florence + The Machine, has partnered with Talenthouse and Lucky Magazine to open a world wide search for fashion designers with the aim of helping designers further their careers in fashion and provide them with world wide exposure. 

The creative invite found on Talenthouse asks fashion designers to design a stage outfit for Florence that she will wear for her performance at Terminal 5 in New York on Nov. 2, 2010. 

The selected designer will also be featured in with images of Florence wearing the outfit, $500, air fare to New York, two night’s accommodation at Soho House NY and the opportunity to meet Florence and the band backstage to receive a signed copy of her debut album, Lungs.

To participate or find out more information, go here. This is the perfect opportunity for any rising designer to get considerable exposure and appreciation. Plus, Florence looks like such a fun gal!

Last but not least, here is an excerpt from Florence's biography, as featured on Talenthouse. This paragraph alone contains truckloads of inspiration:

"Florence found her own space by going out to clubs and pubs, by singing onstage and in her bedroom. By the time she left school, she’d already written songs like ‘Kiss With A Fist’, and knew she wanted to make music but not how to go about it. So after a year working behind a bar she went to art school, making tents under the desk to sleep off her hangovers while trying to convince her tutors she was an installation.
Live, Florence and The Machine become an entirely different beast. No two performances are ever alike, and clad in clothes often culled from local second-hand shops that day, Florence goes at it like a woman possessed. “It’s just this sense of total freedom,” she says. “It sounds so cheesy, but I want to touch people. Not in a weird way. I just want to help them feel what I’m feeling."

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  1. Yep, absolutely in love with this girl! Her style is amazing!! x

  2. her style is very inspiring indeed! as is her voice, the lyrics, her songs... a special character.


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