The sweet escape, bloglovin' and links!

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Hi there! Posting was slow lately because of, what else, exams. But they are all over for now, so by Thursday I will be on the blogging wagon again! Full speed ahead! Until then? Well, just a short escape outside the city. Yes!

Lately I have been thinking about changing my blog reader. Bloglovin' seems the perfect option right now. Plus, so many people recommend it. I have to admit I almost forgot I already signed up, months ago. Maybe it is time to switch services, non?

Are you bloglovin' me? Let's exchange ideas, blogs, sites!
You can find me here.

Also! The following weeks I will also be updating my blogroll and finally moving it to the designated area. You will find all the reading list by clicking Links directly from the header! Neat, huh? So, leave me a message if you want to be linked up!



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