The hat has a story too, you know (DIY)

There was a time I couldn't imagine a single day go by without DIY-ing something. Anything. I went through the earrings phase, the bracelets phase, the necklace phase, the beading phase. Phew! The final twist was re-vamping a lamp. To paint its body I only used two pink shades of acrylic paint. After the work was finished, I had no other option but to keep those acrylics. You never know when will they be useful again. Plus, they were almost full of paint.

A few days ago, I figured I could also give a new appearance to a very old summer hat I have. So old that the glue was starting to show in yellow shades and the (once blue) flowers were looking awful in the summer sun. I have been the proud owner of this hat for five years now, since I bought it on a whim at the seaside, out of the desperate need of something (anything!) to cover my head. This is the hat.

So I took the two bottles of acrylics and started applying them on the hat and the flowers on it. I wanted to achieve a slightly ombre effect around the very middle of the hat, so its original white color would shine through. Now the hat looks like a totally different one. Plus, the color is not affected by water, rain or the likes. Good to know if I happen to stand in the pouring rain with said hat on my head.

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