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I was going to take the day off today and not post anything. Except I ran into these cute photos from the new Forever21 lookbook. It seems they are hopping on the "geek is chic" bandwagon. Quite hard to imagine not having this trend in our lives. It is possible that will never fade away, too; it is going on for quite a while. But hey, that is what happened to the 80s, too! 
As much as I do like the colors and styling of the looks, I still have this idea in my mind that it is too early to remember school even exists. Yes, so let's enjoy summer and sunshine while they last!

photos from the F21 lookbook


  1. I knew it was only a matter of time until this trend made yet another comeback. The Forever21 looks are cute, kind of have a Glee-type feel.

  2. wooowww cool campaign:)
    Love it so so much:)
    Thank for sharing.
    Have a magical Sunday:)

  3. @Ivy: tell me about it, i looove Glee! & yes, i suppose we just have to accept the fact that geek will always be "in" and take advantage of the situation by re-styling the cliché outfits. super-cool! xx

    @Ana: let's see how we can make the "geek-chic" look *amazing* again. you sure do have some great ideas for revamping even the most casual outfits... ;) :*

  4. Amazing! Love those clothes. x

  5. @Jonna: me too! i'd wear every single one of them <3!

  6. Me too! But my absolute favourite of them is that pink/black blazer. It's gorgeous! I have to go back to school next week, and if I remember right, the first thing we're going to do there is a blazer. I think I'm going to sew something similar to that blazer, I love it! :D

  7. wow, you already start school? oh my, i can't wait to see what are you going to sew! what color will you pick, any ideas yet? :D


  8. Yeah, I start school on Tuesday (next week). I'm going to post pictures on my blog of the clothes I sew at school :) Just like I've always done.
    I'm not sure about the colour yet, I have to go and see what kind of fabrics they have.. I don't like deciding the colours before hands, because when I have a great idea of what colour I want, I can't find that coloured fabric :/ So it's much better to go to fabric store and see what I like the best. I already have black and grey blazers, so I think I want to sew something colourful. :D Maybe pink, purple or red. :) x

  9. Personally despise Forever21. Their quality is awful, and much has been exposed about their labor conditions.

    That being said, I love how the look is coming out. This look is very "moe" which is a Japanese term. The oversized glasses, the slightly misshapen fall of the pieces, the pouty "why am I so clumsy" expression...

    These design elements are already the favorites of specific group of Japanese youth.

    Now if only F21 would use QUALITY FABRIC AND STICHING... oh, yeah, and FAR WAGE FOR FAIR WORK. [/rant]

  10. @Kionon: I have to agree with you on the working conditions and other nasty stuff that has been said about the brand. most of it is true, yes, but unfortunately the brand is still preferred by lots of women.

    i remember reading somewhere that women buying from F21 are not 21 year-olds but rather women in their 30s or 40s. i don't know how much of it is true though & in these conditions who are the buyers for this campaign...

    thank you for introducing the term "moe" to me. i had no idea, but i like the fact that there's a term out there to define such facts rather than random words like "geek" or "nerd" <- i am so tired of these two!

    and thank you again so much for your "rant" (it really wasn't a rant!) i think it provided a valuable input!

  11. This look is specifically megane moe (or "glasses" moe). There are types of moe that don't necessarily rely on girls that look like "nerds" or "geeks" but being clumsy or having slightly ill-fitting clothes, yet still coming off as cute or adorable is the trademark of moe.

    I'll post a response to your comment on my post on my blog.

  12. oh, i see! well, now i'll know. i kind of like the word, i think i will use it in the future =)

    to be honest, i even googled it but i didn't find the wiki page to be that useful.

  13. Amazing! Love those clothes. x

  14. I knew it was only a matter of time until this trend made yet another comeback. The Forever21 looks are cute, kind of have a Glee-type feel.


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